Day 10 ~ Urgent Plea for Prayer

Ever find yourself distracted? You start your day with a plan and within the first hour things are offtrack. Cooking, getting your children off to school, fighting a sickness, juggling several projects, reading your Facebook newsfeed, checking Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, washing and folding laundry, watching television, and whatever else finds its way into your space.

Here’s the truth: We allow these distractions.

When we make a decision to pray, fast, and/or intercede on behalf of another, we will get distracted. I have one question. What are you going to do to stay focused?

We allow and fall for distractions. ~ Tweetable @GailDudley

Each day we are faced with another headline. By end of the day, another news story breaks. I am convinced each time breaking news is shared…it is a distraction.

Most people wake in the morning with a plan only to find that their plan has been tossed out of the window the moment they begin scrolling Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms they have access to on their smartphone or tablet before they actually get out of bed. Our minds very rarely turn off. We are on overload!

We have rumors of war.

We have rumors of NFL shutdown.

We have talks of healthcare being restructured.

We have talks on a new tax plan.

We have concerns for people losing their homes.

We have anger (rightly so) for women being sexually harassed by powerful men. Side note: I have deep pain for the women who were abused in Hollywood by one of the most powerful men in film. I am also grieving for women and girls who are continuously abused and when they speak no one listens. It’s time for that to change! 

We are indeed on overload! We are being distracted on every side. It’s time to build a community of prayer warriors by dividing up individuals and teams to take turns on the wall watching and praying based upon how and what each they are drawn to pray.

We must attack these social ills from the root. We must stop being reactionary and pray on the front-side. We need to pray that people would stop being distracted and stay focused on what’s before us. Breaking news will grab us every time. Somehow we must listen, pray, and move forward with what we have been individually and collectively called to do.

Who’s with me?

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