In my last podcast episode, I talk about the topic, Do You. 

It is the nature of humans to think, react and share their thoughts. Most people overthink, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! I discuss why we should not let others discourage us or cause us to drift away from what makes us happy, just because of other people’s opinions. 

I shared the following…

Each of us has a different perspective.

I suggested that we should be strong enough to share our perspectives with other people. In fact, it could be an excellent opportunity to practice self-care and resiliency if you’re experiencing hardship in your life. I also offered some tips related to these ideas that I put together based on my discussions and research with others. 

Here are three tips:  

1. It’s essential to be self-motivated

2. You can move beyond your dream into action

3. Flesh out your craft so that you can flourish 

Yet, we cannot stop there. I highly suggest that we move beyond just ideas and focus on progress. By doing so, we’ll be able to motivate ourselves and make ourselves proud and content. 

Since the episode, I have mentored/coached four women who are struggling. I asked them if they would mind me using this in this blog post to help others. They granted me permission as long as I did not use their names. I won’t. 

With that being said…

All four of the coaching clients who I mentioned were struggling were doing so based upon comparison. They compared their business and products to those who fill their inboxes with information that may or may not work for their business or personality. They struggled thinking because they are not following these patterns; they are set to fail. Not so! 

I’ll be honest and share that there are times I want to scream as I open emails calling me to take action that is outside of my character. Yet, I know that so many people are becoming rich off of others struggling to stay afloat and seeking which path they must take to get there. 

Here’s the truth. There is no easy answer. 

It’s all hard work. Yes, building a business and writing a book takes time, patience, and hard work. If it came easy, you should be questioning the process. 

Some entrepreneurs end up diving into areas that are not meant for them. Such as…

1)    There are many people creating and using landing pages for their businesses. Just because you are seeing these things happening does not mean this is something you should implement. I, to receive a flood of emails asking me to join a call, learn a new skill, increase my traffic on my website, and make millions of dollars. I’ll be honest. I used to register for the zoom meetings and webinars and found out it all ended with bait and switch. It wasn’t for me. I may not be a millionaire, but I am running a business that makes my heart sing. I refuse to chase a dollar. If that’s not in you to do, do not go that direction. You must always stay true to who you are.

Start with asking yourself if this business method aligns with your personality and your mission and vision.

2)    Determine how much free information you can afford to give. I learned a long time ago to tithe on my business. That means I give back 10% each quarter from my business in free information, coaching, etc., to others. Once I hit 10%, I do no longer give free information until the next quarter. Yes, many people are on social media doing live broadcasts and giving out free nuggets. That’s great! I do it as well. However, there comes a time when you must charge for your expertise and intellectual property. If people know you will always give things for free, what would be their reason to retain you in the future?

3)    Charge your price. Be true to yourself and charge what you and your products are worth. Here’s a transparent moment. I used to drop my prices when someone would share that they could not afford my fees. I would later come across a Facebook post where they hired another mentor/coach and paid them more than I was charging, and they were getting less information than I had included in my proposals. The persons would return to me seeking free information by asking me specific questions. The day I decided to cease giving content away and to charge my worth, things changed. Now, if someone says, “My budget is x,” I will adjust my services to accommodate their budget if it is less than my pricing.

  • Do this exercise.
  1. Identify your hourly fee.
    1. Ask yourself if you are charging your worth based upon the fee you have identified.
    2. Look at your website, social media, fee chart and see where you may need to adjust your pricing.
    3. Be sure to add: your prep time, content time, all fees associated with product, packing, shipping, writing, mileage, etc.
    4. Create a business budget.

Once you have completed the exercise, let’s focus on your schedule and planning.

Take thirty minutes and listen to my Do You episode on my podcast. You’ll find that I help you focus on you.

  • How to open up your schedule and start planning (It really helps if you want to motivate yourself!)
  • Tips on how to accomplish a dream within a reasonable time frame
  • How to give yourself time to process and accomplish things
  • Why you can’t please everyone and why you need to do more of what makes you happy

Yes, this is necessary. Your schedule, planning, dreams, process, accomplishments, and doing more of what makes you happy, creates the space for confidence and boldness in crafting your fees.

I would love to hear from you. On the follow podcast segment (link below), I give an offer through the end of February. However, if you comment on this specific blog post, I will extend the offer to you through, March 15, 2021.

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