Today Gail has a special guest, her son, Alexander Roseboro. Alexander is a YouTuber at Storybook Expressions and also does a lot of public speaking. We spend time talking about the movie I Care A Lot.

Alexander and I always have such a good time together!

Alexander shares his thoughts about the movie and why he was more frustrated and upset about this movie than any other he could remember. Gail was also in disbelief about the movie. Spoiler alert: they do share some of what happens in the movie.

What bothered Alex most about the movie:
  1. Thinking about his grandparents being in a senior living environment and whether people would take advantage of them. How this vulnerable population is taken advantage of.
  2. The greediness of the main character and her desire to make a profit off of vulnerable people. How the elderly are manipulated.
  3. Even the doctor in the movie was part of the system to take advantage of seniors.

Gail talks about how you have to provide certain information to move into a nursing home and they assess your financial situation before letting you in, or how the elderly are so vulnerable when it comes to selling a home they’ve been in for 50 or 60 years and how even the legal system can get involved.

Alexander talks about how he would handle the situation to defend his grandparents in a similar situation and why it’s so important to be prepared for this kind of event.

He also mentions:
  • Problems when you don’t have the monetary resources to protect yourself sufficiently.
  • The need to have a living will or other legal security in place.
  • The importance of having family or other people to get involved in protecting you.
  • Why we need government systems in place to help the elderly.
  • How the banking system was part of taking advantage of the elderly character, and why this infuriated him.

Alexander also talked about the ways these issues affect his own grandparents and all the threats to the older generation in our society.

He also believes that this storyline is based on real life and how people are taken advantage of in the real world, especially the elderly who live alone. They also discuss how Alexander’s grandparents might behave when it comes to some of the threats via telephone or computer today.

How do we get the word out to older people to protect themselves? Alexander shares his thoughts.

Gail also asks her son if he’d recommend the movie, and why.

They end the conversation with a quick rapid-fire round of free association with words Gail mentions to him.

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