If you’ve heard of self-care, you know that’s important. But soul care is even more important. Everything in our lives today contributes to stress. The needless murders of so many brown and black men and women. The pandemic continuing, with numbers rising again. Vaccines causing blood clots. Loneliness and tension rising in our homes. We’re all becoming worn out and exhausted and even angry. And yet, we keep pressing forward. What we need is some soul care.

A step-by-step process you can use every day

When I became a pastor, I learned a step-by-step process from Dr. Terry Wardell. I also learned a lot in the spiritual formation department of the seminary.

The process involves:

  1. How to find a place for stillness.
  2. What it means to “sanctify your imagination.”
  3. A journey into memory to find your “safe space.”
  4. Invite Jesus to join you there.
  5. It’s also okay to lament—here’s how to do it (and yes, you can have a mimosa nearby! Remember, whatever you deal with, Jesus can handle it).
  6. Allow Jesus to respond to you (Gail shares how to listen for this).
  7. Be sure to write down what you receive so you can capture it.
  8. The practice ends with prayer.

What is adding to the stress in your life right now?

What can you do instead of paying attention to all the negative things in your life, on the news and on TV? Gail tells you how to get away from these negative influences.

Finally, Gail ends with three questions you can answer for yourself to help you gain some clarity around how stress is a factor in your life right now.

Are you willing to go through the process daily to bring some soul care into your life? If not, you might find that the price you pay is too high.

Remember that you are worth it to practice these techniques daily.

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