Happy Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day is going to be so much different than last year. Thank goodness! This episode is a shout out all moms no matter how you got the title, and how you show up in the world.

Gail shares a special offer at the end of the episode (for her listeners only) that is her gift to moms (and anyone who has a mom!)

Gail recognizes her mom, Virginia Pryor who is going strong at 85.
Her mother-in-law Marjorie Dudley gets a shout out as well. (She’s going to be on the podcast soon!)

Reflections on Mother’s Day 2020.

Gail shares her reflections from last year. Her family decided to not gather in their normal way on Mother’s Day 2020. There was a void because she couldn’t visit her sisters or support her mother-in-law during an illness and recovery. Maybe you felt this as well. No dinner out or family gatherings.

Around this time, she realized she was (like everyone) not wearing makeup, hanging out in yoga pants and being casual with her hair and skincare. While it was comfortable – and not many people were seeing her – she had a realization that she couldn’t stay this way for months if the pandemic was going to continue.

Find out how she changed that dynamic for herself. You’ll no doubt appreciate how the effort to look good and feel good made an impact. Listeners, you can relate!

Honoring the people missing this Mother’s Day.  

Gail shares numbers for the United states – which continue to grow. It’s hard to even understand how many people this really is. Gail shares how 7 women in her life are part of those numbers.

Hear how she is going to honor each woman, individually and personally. You’ll may be inspired to do this for the people that you are missing.

How will you celebrate?

Do something different. Treat yourself or think about what you can do that is different and personal. Gail shares 4 ideas that you can do for your mom – you may even like these for yourself.

Life Lessons

Gail’s mother-in-law has a card set of 70 life lessons. This is a great gift for others, and you will like them for yourself too. They are life-changing!

Mimosa: Peach Nectar Mimosa

Gail outdid herself with this recipe! You will love this, spiked or not.


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