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Grab that mimosa, spiked or not, and join Gail as she interviews Sandra about travel in these challenging times. People are ready to board the plane and travel to their favorite spot for some rest and relaxation on the beach, a cruise ship, or enjoy their family in Florida. Sandra shares the top five locations that people are frequenting. 

Sandra’s bio: Sandra Preston-Rogers was born in Nurnberg, Germany. After 15 years in Corporate America and 11 years working for non-profit organizations, Sandra finally found her passion in travel. She started her travel business, JLP Travels, in 2017, naming it in honor of her parents, especially her father, who loved to travel. After his untimely passing, Sandra vowed to continue his promise to travel the world.

She now helps clients in all areas of travel from groups to cruises to honeymoons and more, and trains other travel agents as a Certified Travel Ambassador.

What should we be looking for when it comes to travel? Sandra tells us:

  • Travel is still happening! It should be about you having an amazing trip without anxiety.
  • The kinds of provisions that the travel industry has made to increase safety.
  • How flights, hotels and resorts have accommodated people travel during this time.
  • How COVID testing and social distancing plays a role.

Many people never stopped traveling. And travel has opened up for many others.

It’s important to know that the people in the industry want to keep you comfortable and as safe as possible.

Gail asked about specific kinds of precautions in the cruise industry. How are they dealing with people who are or are not vaccinated? Sandra talked about the stance they are taking.

Sandra also mentioned some ideas for “Girlfriend Trips.”

  • Ideas for Mother’s Day and how to surprise Mom
  • How to travel with your girlfriends again and have something to look forward to, especially the all-inclusive resorts
  • Different places you can go right now and find excitement (and even enjoy a mimosa on the beach!).

If you miss cruises, you might consider an all-inclusive resort with all the same advantages on land.

What are the top 5 all-inclusive resorts from around the world, whether you’re going with girlfriends or as a couple?

Sandra shares her top picks and explains why they are so amazing. She also discusses the different concerns you might have, how to determine what’s safe and what is the best choice for you, whether singles, couple, or family.

Some other ideas Sandra covers:

  • Family-friendly destinations
  • How to add some luxury to your trip
  • Turnaround time to acquire a passport (less than you think!) and destinations that don’t require a passport
  • Typical prices for many of these packages (spa packages especially)
  • What to look for in a house rental to be sure they follow best practices
  • How to find safe and reliable services to come to your rental (such as chef, massage therapist, and so on)

Finally, Sandra relates the many benefits of using a travel agent compared to doing it all yourself when you plan a trip.

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