Today Gail chats with two guests! The discussion focuses on the topic of Runway Rhythm, all about music and fashion today.

First up is Quan Howell, is a Grammy award-winning artist who first caught our attention with his rendition of “Hold On, Change is Coming.” He’s worked with the likes of Tyler Perry, Sunday Best, and so much more. There’s also a relative newcomer to the scene, Voice Veray, aka Levante Brown, whose musical studio, Voices Choices Studio, has amassed an impressive following. He specializes in Gospel Rap—a clean form of rap that is unique and versatile.

Gail asked about Runway Rhythm and why it’s so important to have a unique style. Also, should Runway Rhythm be part of people’s themes overall?

Some of the answers delivered:

  • How your fashion needs to be connected to what you’re doing. How to determine your look and what it should be
  • What needs to change for most of us out of lockdown—how we can put some of Quan and Voice Veray’s ideas into play
  • How Quan managed to lose weight during the pandemic

Voice Veray also discussed how he started his studio and got involved with his fashion products.

  • How his interest in art influenced his connection with fashion and his product choices.
  • How he expanded his repertoire to include accessories as well as fashion that appeals to high-end markets (like Saks Fifth Avenue).
  • What was his vision and dream that kept him motivated and able to keep promoting his work, even before he was successful? 

Next, Voice Veray talked about how he was inspired by his idea of a luxury brand, made the way he envisioned it for himself.

He also discussed:

  • How to connect the audience with the creator of the brand and the reason behind wanting to buy.
  • How his work will change the idea of fashion as well as the level of creativity in the field.
  • The positive effects of combining creativity with technology—and how that can develop fashion with benefits for buyers.

Quan and Voice Veray provide a timely product that helps to showcase what black and brown businesses have to offer.

Gail asked about how Quan combines both beautiful fashion with his sense of style and rhythm.

Quan shared:

  • Why it’s important to him to dress his best at all times
  • How he’s done work to increase brand recognition for the Voice’s Choices studio pieces everywhere around the Columbus area
  • The full range of all products from Voice’s Choices, beyond just clothing
  • Plans for new launches coming up this summer (which might just involve more than mimosas!)

The group wrapped up by discussing what they foresee happening in the future, and how God is paving the way for change.

Finally, you don’t want to miss Gail’s Blueberry Mimosa! Beautiful in a champagne flute.

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