Today Gail is ringing in the new year with Meghan Daves, an influencer who resides in Atlanta. She’s multi-talented and when not working you’ll find her checking out the dining scene or watching football or reading with a glass of tequila.

It wouldn’t be a new year episode without talking about plans for 2021!

Meghan shares her plans for 2021, key among that is getting past the need to distance due to the pandemic. Many of us are going to relate to her wish-list.

  • Get out an about – enjoy the social scene again
  • Travel. Take the trips that had to be cancelled
  • Find out how she’s going to incorporate more spontaneity in the new year

Gail asks Meghan to rate a series of words and how it impacts her life. It’s not as easy as you might think! Being a well-rounded person means giving energy to all parts of life.

What’s an influencer? Meghan shares how she uses her social media presence to share her love of fashion and makeup. She also addresses topics around anxiety and staying grounded.

Find out how she:

  • Plans her content
  • Decides what type of content she wants to share
  • Tips for getting started blogging (great advice here!)
  • Where to find inspiration and resources
  • What comes first influencing or blogging or does it matter?
  • Find out how you can become an influencer (it doesn’t have to be about being a celebrity)

Meghan shares something she plans to soft launch this year! She ends with some words of wisdom and encouragement for a great 2021.

Don’t miss Gail’s New Year’s mimosa recipe! It’s the perfect start for the new year. Do you have a favorite mimosa to share? Send it to Gail to: [email protected]. Be sure you subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and as always, I’d love for you to share with your friends!

Final word: Chalk Your Door (don’t miss this!)

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