With a heavy heart, Gail shares that everyday there are different life situations we face, but what’s important is we have to keep on moving but we must still know our limit.

It’s been a week and 2 days since the US capitol building was breached.

Gail shares her thoughts and the 4 areas that we must do in order to still practice self-care. It’s not just about a spa day or bubble bath (tho both of those sound lovely) it’s also about what’s good for your soul. 

  • Know when to pause.
  • Know when to practice self-care.
  • Know when to prevent others to project their self on to you.
  • Know when to pray.

Let’s continue radiating positive thoughts and spread positive energy to everyone. For Gail, a picture in her home inspires her every day.

Gail shares how she:

  • Practices gratitude and why writing in a journal is a must have.
  • Learned to say no.
  • Practices self-care and why it’s so important.
  • Has deep conversations with God (It really helps!)
  • Her method for meditating effectively.
  • Discovered decluttering and why it may be what you need to do nex.t
  • Embraces the power of prayer every day.

Don’t miss Gail’s Cranberry mimosa recipe!

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