Women are leaders! Being a woman, wife, mother, entrepreneur, mompreneur, (you fill in the blank)  is hard work. Being a leader who would attempt to lead without intentional, consistent, and persistent acknowledgment of God is dangerous. Sure, we can get by on the false security of our perceived strength and ability, manufactured charisma, or residual wisdom and experience. We probably have all been able to accomplish some good things and gain some satisfaction without praying. But there is no real substitute for the blessing and encouragement that result from authentic communion and honest conversation with our Father.

In renewed and refocused ways consider taking the time to pray to be the leader God called and always meant for you to be. Ask him for faithfulness and greater availability; for the most productive day or week you have ever experienced; for what looks impossible to become possible! Pray! How much more balanced would your life be, considering the mounting demands and countless decisions that must be made? How different would you feel and how much more fruitful would your relationships be? What potholes could you avoid and what opportunities could you access? What fresh insights could you discover and heavy burdens could you release? “For this reason, I kneel before the Father…” (Eph. 3:14). Whatever the reason, we are invited to kneel and to seek the source and strength of our life.

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Every leader desperately needs the spiritual resources afforded by a life of prayer.

Prayer is much more than mere words. Prayer is devotion and worship. Prayer is a lifestyle. Our lives are often extremely fragmented. We have been guilty of allowing prayer to be one of those optional tasks we conveniently relegate to our unfinished list. But prayer must be alive and integrated into the very fabric of our being, not just our doing. Nurtured through daily study of God’s word and creating sacred space to meditate on God’s voice, prayer is important for leadership because every leader will find themselves, at some point, with their back against the wall, struggling with a crisis or trapped in a place of isolation. Every leader desperately needs the spiritual resources afforded by a life of prayer.

Prayer is sharing the deepest words. Prayer is dialogue with God. It’s listening to him and talking with him. It’s sharing with the Lord everything about yourself, your workload, your challenges, and your successes. It’s crying. It’s banging on your desk out of frustration. It’s going to God with your entire heart and expectation and desires and wants and needs and dreams and shortcomings and deficiencies. But it is also about coming away with God’s heart and peace in your spirit, so trusting of all he shares with you that you are committed to acting on it without hesitation or compromise. It may be that still small voice or the sound of silence. It might be the uninterpreted melody that overcomes your soul or the irresistible urge to live into your undeniable future. It might be the promise coming back to remind you of your potential or the truth to challenge you once again.

Prayer is a lifestyle.

We all face situations where we must steal away and pray. Our lives depend on the continual presence of God made real to us through our surrendered lives. CEOs, presidents, caregivers, teachers, nurturers, pastors, lay leaders, and others are often and rightly chosen because of their knowledge, experience, and ability. However, the most important attribute is that of a consistent prayer life. Prayer keeps us humble and gives us direction, courage, and reassurance in all of life, including both the favorable times and also the moments of great turmoil and difficulty through which we are called to lead. Yes, prayer can guide us to what we might have been missing. Prayer can propel us to have the greatest day we have ever had on the job. Our careers can rise to new dimensions because we took the time to stop and pray and seek clear direction. Prayer can prepare us for whatever may come.

It’s time to pray! As a prayer strategist, I am called to put strategies together that can help us in our everyday walk. Many of us are burdened with the weight of life upon our shoulders, which is robbing us of clarity of mind, energy, lack of sleep, motivation, and our joy.

Time to ‘Pray to Lose!’ Join us as we begin our fourth group on this Pray to Lose journey. We are talking body weight. We are laying aside the weight of life.

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