I’m turning a year older on July 19.

Many of know I am passionate about advocating and educating others when it comes to voters registration and education. With the 2018 midterm elections in America quickly approaching I have decided to give my time to help navigate others to understanding issues and candidates on the ballots.

I have been celebrating all week long. Would love to have you celebrate with me.

I am asking that you come alongside me during my birthday week to give one of four ways to my advocacy work and celebrate my birthday at the same time. I desire to see people educated on the issues, know the voting records of each candidate, and to ensure people make it to the polls as an educated voter. I cannot think of any other way to celebrate my birthday.

Join me for my birthday celebration as we design and print educational materials, publish a voters education ebook, research candidates, secure educational room rentals, host webinars, and to assist with arranging transportation to get people to the polls.


Let’s celebrate! Gail’s birthday week! 

Celebrate with Gail by clicking this image


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