It’s not about becoming skinny; it’s about becoming healthy. We can do this by laying aside the weight of life.

Releasing the weight is saving lives. Let’s now focus on losing body weight; let’s focus on transformation from the inside out.

We can do everything we can to avoid what’s really going on with our everyday real-life experience, but evidentially we must deal with the wounds that may be holding us back and/or keeping us down. These wounds are preventing us from moving forward. The answer? We must lay aside the weight of life.

Wounds can lead us to a slow and painful death on a spiritual level. Our wounds are more than likely suffocating us at our core. On a personal level, my wounds pushed me to eat emotionally. It took a while for me to recognize what was really happening. I was battling a body weight issue when things were much deeper than that. I had to first deal with the wounds that had taken root on the inside before I could deal with the outside. The more I evaluated my own stuff the more I realized how this fight was something I needed to get to the root of. The battle began the moment I realized I had been avoiding the wounds that placed me in a downward spiral. I had been internalizing my feelings. I had been carrying around pain, rejection, and wounds, and that is when I started to pack on the weight.

I am sure I am not the only one. I have come in contact with women and girls around the world dealing with the same root cause, but oftentimes determine to deal with it with the hopes that things will simply disappear or completely turn around without putting in the necessary work. As hard as it is to share, many of us have been fat shamed, which pushes us to hide our curves behind clothing that is not becoming. I will never forget the time I was fat shamed. As I looked at clothing in my actual size, my “friend” who began to laugh asked me… “Why are you looking at clothes in the big sizes?” as she held up a size four suit jacket asking me to try it on. It wasn’t until years later I realized the pain that came along with her comment. On another occasion, as I sat in church for our anniversary worship service someone decided for fun to shame me as I was packing on the pounds due to stress and a health situation. They decided to insert a horrible image of me eating food during the church picnic within the slide show. I will never forget the entire congregation becoming silent as my image remained on the wall for what appeared to have been five to ten minutes.

Situations such as these can cause one to take pause, go into isolation, and listen to the lies of the enemy. This goes beyond adding body weight; it is dealing with the weight of the stress that is weighing us down. So many of us are carrying around the weight of concerns, and wounds, which are growing deeper by the day. We have become off balanced and find ourselves out of sorts. We want to point toward the bad foods we are eating when in fact we are not dealing with what is going on at the root.

Have you been there? Can you relate? Losing sleep at night, and walking the floors processing what is happening and why. It is time to get healthy. Healthy is in. It’s a confidence thing. It’s a boldness that we must adopt. It is wearing clothing that fits, but is also attractive and flattering. As the summer approaches it is about wearing the swimsuit and enjoying the ocean waves, or sitting by the pool taking in the rays.

It’s time to lay aside the weight of life that so easily entangles us. It is to release the wounds and enjoy this life. Through my years of this battle I have tried many weight-loss programs. However, I soon learned something after none of the weight-loss programs were working for me. I needed to pray. I needed to seek God for the answer that was uniquely designed for me. I needed to pray to lose. No, I am not saying to pray and the body weight will melt away. I am speaking of praying and being obedient to God’s instructions.

I started praying and quickly realized it wasn’t a body weight issue I was dealing with. It was a spiritual battle I was contending that packed on the pounds. Once I started engaging in my spiritual battle, I began hearing from God who began to give me clear instructions. I decided to be obedient to His instructions, and the body weight started decreasing. There was a release that was taking place that allowed me to live life at a new level filled with joy.

It’s your turn. Are you tired of carrying around the weight of life that stems from your wounds, past pain, rejection, guilt, and shame? Do you find that you are packing on the pounds and no matter what you try to incorporate you find yourself back at square one? Do you want to strengthen your prayer life? Healthy is in. Come on. Join me. Let’s get ready to release!

This prayer strategy was birthed from my personal journey. Since the beginning of my journey, four other groups have journeyed this path and have seen some amazing life changes. Learn more about it here. Next group begins on, Monday, June 5. Before you ask…no this is NOT a diet. You can eat and do whatever you like. This is about dealing with your wounds, past rejections, pain, guilt, and shame. Ready? Click here to join. Cart closes at midnight on June 3, 2017.


Go ahead. Seriously. Let’s do this! Ready to Release…

Don’t wait. For real. Let’s do this! Ready to Release…

Participate. Join now. Let’s do this!  Ready to Release…



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