The rain was lightly tapping on the windows on a cloudy September afternoon. I grabbed a cup of tea and my blanket so that I may curl up on the sofa to enjoy movies. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep. As I began to come out of my sleep, I could hear a sweet melody playing. Within seconds I heard the beautiful voice of the late Whitney Houston singing these words, “I love the Lord” ever so softly. Something quickened in my spirit as I rose to a sitting position and paid careful attention to each word she sang.

I Love the Lord ~ Song by the late Whitney Houston.

I love the Lord
He heard my cry
And pitied every groan
Long as I, I live
And troubles rise
I hasten to his throne

Oh, I love the Lord (I love the Lord)
I sure do, surely do love the Lord
He heard, he heard my cry

…the song continues

I cannot fully articulate what was happening on the inside of me, but I knew transformation was taking place. There was a cleansing that was happening in my mind, body, and soul. The more she sang out those words, the more I felt empowerment that would chip away at old baggage, strongholds, past wounds, and rejections.

So often we think that transformation is a one-time event. However, it is a continuation of something that began a long time ago and continues as we avail of it to grow and mature.

There’s a process of peeling back the layers of old stuff. Once a person has committed to getting to the root of the things that cause us to react, we find we can experience greater freedom living the life God has called us to live without the unnecessary fear and bondage.

Sitting around the table as I facilitate group coaching sessions with women who some are wives, mothers, executives, writers, entrepreneurs, caregivers, and so much more, I can hear their cry for help as they share their life stories from their place of wounds and pain.

During a recent small group, a woman shared a story of negativity she is dealing with on a regular basis. Negativity she has placed upon herself. She has been plagued with the feeling that she’s not enough. She described how she hit a wall after being judged based upon what she says and do. As she continued to share through her tears, this woman talked about how she strives to accomplish everything she sets herself to do but ends the day and week with the feelings of insignificance. She finds herself paralyzed from the exhaustion of exerting herself, but fears she fails.

After listening and praying, I waited for the right moment to speak into her life. “Let’s get to the root of what’s going on,” I said, no louder than a whisper. God wants you to prosper and live out your calling that He has purposed just for you.

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This woman paused just for a moment. As she sat calming her weeping, she mentioned that it never dawned on her to get to the source of what drove her to the point where she felt she wasn’t good enough. She never considered why she was moved to place negative labels upon herself. However, she was ready to do something about it, just like the other seven women around the table.


I love how God will connect the dots.

I wrestled throughout that night asking God what drives people to feel less than who they are in Christ. He gently whispered the word, love. Love is the missing ingredient. “Love your neighbor as yourself” quickly came to mind. Is that the challenge? I wonder. Is it that people do not love themselves, therefore, unable to love their neighbor?

What about fear? I wonder if fear also contributes to having feelings of insignificance. No worries. God was ready to give me an answer through a blog post by Jamie Rohrbaugh titled, “How God Delivered Me from Fear.” In her article she talks about sitting in her spare bedroom, on the floor, gasping for air. That’s when she prayed, and God took her to 1 John 4:18 when she opened her Bible. It reads, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” Reading her post had my spirit leaping!

I see it. Women are being pushed (in a good way) to get to the root of what’s going on in their lives. Here’s the truth. It’s not going to be easy. You will experience some pain as you pull back the layers to get to the root of it. But at least when you get to the source, you can begin to live your life in the abundance that has been promised.

It starts with love. Without love, we find ourselves hopelessly confused which brings about torment. Let’s look at the lyrics in the late Ms. Houston’s song.

  • I love the Lord
    Be intentional about developing an intimate relationship with God. Make it a point to be in His presence daily, and as you enter His presence be sure that you are present.
  • He heard my cry.
    Cry out to the Lord. He will hear you, now that you have established an intimate relationship.
  • And pitied every groan.
    God will have compassion for you, and He will feel your sorrows.
  • Long as I live.
    Every day you live of your life with Jesus He will comfort you, encourage you, bless you, and anoint you.
  • As troubles rise.
    Regardless of what may come your way. God is there.
  • I hasten to his throne.
    “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” [Psalm 91:1]

This is the breakthrough! This is getting to the root.

Many women are breaking free to share the stories of their mental and emotional health, and their struggle with anxiety. It began for me several years ago. My transformation continues, and as I walk this journey of freedom away from the roots that had me bound I want to reach to my left and right so we can journey together.

How do you plan to walk in your purpose and push pass your past wounds, pain, and rejections?

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