“I have a dream, but do not know where to start.” Is that your story? Life happens, so why not make a life investment and invest in yourself beginning with illustrating your story?

As you read this, women everywhere are thinking about everyday life situations. Many are plowing full speed ahead focused on building their next business venture, completing applications to pursue their next degree all while successfully serving in the roles of woman, wife, and mother. Yet, others are in the position of fighting their feeling of being stuck always wishing and hoping only to find themselves in the same place without much movement.

I enjoy going to the hair salon if nothing more to be pampered. During a visit, I was invited into a conversation about women entrepreneurs. The introduction was as follows, “Meet, Gail. She’s a woman, wife, and mother as well as a publisher, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and coach.” The conversation continued, “If she can do it so can you.” After a moment of silence, the woman sitting in the chair next to mine says, “Apparently you do not have any hurt or pain holding you back.” I was completely silent as I gathered my thoughts, and praying for wisdom to respond.

Throughout the entire conversation I saw great potential in this person, however, I continued to hear reasons why she could not move forward in her dreams and those things she desires. The more we talked the more I could hear her struggles, her wounds, and her insecurity. It was easier for her to invest in making her self feel good than to invest in gaining the skills, and knowledge to implement a plan in order to experience the fruit of investing in her life. Without condemning, she had more faith in her outer appearance than she had in seeing her dreams fulfilled.

As I listened intently I could not help but wonder how many women have similar stories. How many women have been wounded to the point they find themselves paralyzed?

Ever wonder why businesses are failing when you know their concept is on point, and their product is in demand? I get it. People are bleeding. People are wounded. Many try to operate in life without addressing what is going on internally. Within twenty minutes this talented woman repeated herself over and over again as to why she could not move forward. Actually, she was talking herself out of being a success. Not minimizing the pain, however, it is time to push through, and do something.

Here are beginners entrepreneurship planning 101:

1) In story form, describe what you want to see fulfilled if you were to build a business, nonprofit, or ministry. You are the main character. How would you illustrate the story? What are the details, the success, and the possible failures? Don’t worry. We all have failures. Those failures are what make us stronger.

2) Communicate your strategy to at least three people. What captures you about your own story? What captures the individuals you have shared your story and strategy? What words have you written and spoken that makes your heart sing? Where your heart sings, keep that in the forefront of your story.

3) Do something. Each day or at a minimum each week make it a point to do something you have created in your illustrated story. Always ask yourself, “Am I reflected in this story that I am playing out in real time?” Do you love it? Is your heart continuing to sing?

If the story you have written does not resonate with you then it’s not for you. Return to step one and start again.

We must start somewhere. It is one thing to invest in your outer appearance, however, it is something totally different to make an investment to empower and equip our self for a better return.

Must start somewhere. Why not start with these three steps?

Looking to build a small business, ministry, and/non-profitfit? Not sure where to start? Post your questions in the comment section to get started.

@The Table With Gail-2This story first appeared in the LinkedIn articles of Gail Dudley. (2016)



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