Day 4 ~ Urgent Plea for Prayer

Take time today to be available. Take a few moments and sit in silence. Turn off all the noise. Take time to share your heart with Jesus. Take a deep breath and breathe. Listen to the beat of your heart. Take three minutes and be completely present in the moment.

Very important. Urgent Plea for Prayer is a short daily prayer devotional and guide. Each day is a quick read. For example…today, day 4 is one 6 x 9 page with some bullet points. My goal was not to be deep. Urgent Plea for Prayer is designed to guide you through prayer praying for the urgency of things happening all around us while reminding you to take time out of your day to pray. I truly believe if we pray daily as a collective body of believers amazing things will happen. There is not a secret formula. I desire to see God’s people praying.

Anyone who knows me can tell you how I love to talk about praying community. Praying community is when I make it my mission to cover you in prayer as you are praying for a situation or for someone else. As I am praying for you, someone else is covering me in prayer. While that person is covering me in prayer someone else is covering them in prayer…and it continues. #PrayingCommunity

Praying community is when I make it my mission to cover you in prayer as you are praying for someone else. ~ Tweetable @GailDudlay #PrayerfullySavvy

I learned during my own prayer journey that people are unsure what to pray at times. I learned that people would begin a prayer journey, but as soon as they were attacked by the enemy they would immediately give up praying. I too have been there. I experienced times where I would fast and pray and all of a sudden I would experience resistance, sickness, and personal attacks. I can remember thinking, “Oh no! This is coming because I decided to pray?” My initial response, “No thank you.” However, prayer for me is non-negotiable. I must pray.

In speaking with millennial females it is evident there is a need for this short 31-day devotional and prayer guide. They are asking for it. They are coming together with 2 – 3 others to pray. They are enjoying the fact that this devotional and guide is not deep. I agree! It is not a deep piece, but I am hearing in only a few days since its release that it is very powerful.

As it relates to being available, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Will you be available to pray for women who are battling breast cancer? Are will you available to cover someone in prayer each day the rest of this month? How will you pray for the healing of women and men who are in the fight of their life to overcome breast cancer?


Today…we are calling you to be available. Please post a prayer below for those who are caring for individuals with breast cancer and for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and for those who have overcome breast cancer.

Urgent Plea for Prayer is still available on Amazon Kindle for .99 cents. Don’t delay. Download today. Just click here: Urgent Plea for Prayer.



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