Day 8 ~ Urgent Plea for Prayer

Let us break all the stuff that has caused bondage in our life.

Some people are unable to move forward until the weight of life has been dismantled.

What a day! Where shall I begin?

  • VP walks out of the Colts & 49ers NFL game because players took a knee, but we soon learn it was allegedly planned because he was due at a fundraiser in California.
  • FEMA takes down stats on their website in reference to access to drinking water and power in Puerto Rico.
  • News broke of White Nationalist in Charlottesville once again.
  • Man charged after hanging onto a moving school bus.
  • Someone decided to change the narrative of Colin Kaepernick by saying he will now stand for the national anthem. No, he would still take a knee.
  • It hit me that I have to sign my life away when purchasing sinus medicine, but AK-47…? and

Finally, I happened upon the latest commercial from DOVE. This is where I will focus on this particular post.

I am beyond disappointed. I have taught my daughter, my son, my nieces and nephews, and every young person I come into contact with that they are beautiful regardless of skin color, race, nationality, disability, and body size. To see a commercial of a beautiful black female removing her shirt and halfway through the removal one sees a cream shirt, arms, then the face of a white female left me in a state of furry.

We wonder why tensions are rising. Look around. What do you see? What do you hear? We are in a state of urgency to pray. ~Tweetable @GailDudley #PrayerfullySavvy

I have so many questions about the entire list I shared. I shake my head in disbelief, and then I realized the enemy is trying to deceive us by throwing distractions our way. The commercial is wrong on so many levels. A company such as DOVE should have a solid red tape process that the person suggesting this sort of commercial at the conference table should have been shown the door. How did a concept for this sort of commercial get pass so many levels? Do you mean to tell me that there was not one person questioning the outcome? I have tried all day not to put my own spin on things, however, I cannot stop questioning if this dumb act was on purpose to get people talking about DOVE.

There’s an urgency to pray. These things are becoming a norm in this world we live in, and for some, it is causing spiritual death. People are grieving. People are frustrated. People are angry. Believe it or not, people are questioning where’s God. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He’s trying, but it won’t work. There are people praying on behalf of nations.

There’s so much to chose from to pray. The list today is a long and exhausted list, and I am sure I do not have every situation listed. Lord knows I cannot personally handle too much more today. Tomorrow is a new day and I shall start fresh when I rise.

DOVE has since offered an apology. Cannot help but question. Do apologies work any longer? For me, it is hard to tell if they are indeed sorry for their actions or simply focused on the possible millions they will lose.

This is why we must always understand the power of our dollars. Let’s raise our voices, and also be better stewards of our finances. Over the last several years I have researched every place I shop and eat. Yes, it’s work. However, I do not want to spend money in places that send a portion to individuals and companies who enslave people. I refuse to shop in places or eat in restaurants who exclude individuals because of their race, nationality, status, etc. I will not be a contributor to any establishment that funnels money to White Supremacists. I will be honest…I will not frequent a place who uses a portion of the profit made from my purchase by dumping money to fund politics that does not line up with my beliefs, morals, and values.

What DOVE communicated through their commercial encouraged me to get on my face and pray. I am encouraged because I read, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139) By using DOVE I will not see my skin color vanish! I love me because God made me this way.

Pssssst…come closer. It’s bigger than DOVE. Unilever owns DOVE and 399 other brands. Do your research. Let’s break this!

Yes! Let’s be bold and pray for the bondage of racism to be broken forever! Let’s pray for there to be a shift in the atmosphere where people will embrace multiculturalism and celebrate diversity! Let’s pray for hate to be plucked out from the root and thrown away into the deep sea of forgetfulness.

Things cannot continue as they are. This mess is bondage. It’s time to break the stuff that is causing bondage in our lives. It’s time to dismantle this weight of life. No, I am not speaking of physical violence in the natural, however, I am speaking of decreeing and declaring things supernaturally. We must get to the root of what is happening and eradicate this mess quickly. People, there is an urgency to pray!

What’s your urgency? How may I come alongside you and pray?

It’s a little book. Day 8 was a very quick read with a couple of questions. However, I am hearing it is a book that is breaking bondage and setting the captives free. Grab your download of Urgent Plea for Prayer here: Amazon

Photograph: @Naytemua

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