Who Told You That?

Are you ready to believe the truth? How would you like to expose the truth in your life and get the enemy off your trail? You can confront the lies and speak the truth into your spirit. Yes, it is possible the enemy has your back up against the wall. It is possible that you can see the truth and then, suddenly, the enemy flees, but you are left with a mess on your hands. You are left with unresolved issues and find yourself unable to get out of the situation you have placed yourself in. The enemy can hide just out of reach, letting you rest long enough to think he was gone for good, then drop from nowhere back into your life and more specifically, your head, whispering those lies. Therein lies the advantage of the lies you have been told time and time again. This is the advantage of those conversations you have had where you opened your mouth and now question if you should have spoken those words out loud. It lurks in an unsearchable and deceitful fortress, where you can’t find the very one who started these whispers of lies.

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