Once upon a time.

In the beginning.

When I was a little girl.

I didn’t mean to hurt her.

Sitting at the table.

Life threw me a curve ball.

Growing up in the Midwest I…

Enjoying the cool breeze of the night…

Being an expert in the field of…

These are some of the beginning words of a story. What’s your story? Do you have a story to write? We are still at the beginning of a new year. You may have ended your year promising to write your story finally. Now is the time to write your manuscript and publish a unique story. As you put pen to paper, remember to look behind the curtain when telling your story.

Most people desire to be drawn into the writer’s life of their story. It’s like being a director of a film. As the director is placing people and unfolding the story one can be found sitting at the end of their seat waiting for what’s to come. Do not be that writer that lets the air out of the balloon too soon.

When writing your story, it is essential to understand the story behind your story. The first question you must ask yourself when you sit down and put pen to paper is this, “Why are you writing this particular story?” Having a concrete answer is imperative. Once answer this question, dig even deeper.

  • What is it about your story makes your heart sing?
  • What can someone gain by reading your story?”

I am known to be very transparent in my writing. I am comfortable with sharing my story and creatively giving the audience a look behind the curtain. I can do this because I understand what my readers are seeking.

For example: On Monday as I slowly drove in the snow and ice I approached a vehicle that had slid off the two-lane highway into a ditch. As I looked to my left, I realized it was an older woman who had a disabled tag displayed in her window. I looked in my rear-view mirror to ensure a car was not close by; I began to pump the break so I could come to a complete stop without sliding myself. I rowed down the window and asked her if she needed assistance. She informed me that her phone had lost power and the OnStar button was not connecting. She indicated that she had been in the ditch for over an hour. I informed her that I lived nearby, but needed to get out of the two-lane highway. I told her I would not leave her alone.

As I approached the subdivision, I contacted my husband and asked if he would be available to help. I kept my promised and returned to the women stuck in her car. He came and did what he could to help, but she needed a tow to pull her out.

After the morning I had I wanted to get home, eat some soup, and watch movies, but I knew I could not leave this woman alone. To be honest, I became angry. Why hasn’t anyone stopped to help this older woman who has a disabled tag on her windshield? While sitting with her, I began to watch cars and trucks pass us. What the hell I started to ask in myself. Neither of us wanted to be on the side of the road. No one…and I mean no one stopped. I wanted to yell out, “Have we lost all moral compass in America?” but I knew this lady was already frustrated and worried, so I remained silent.

As we sat there eating Twizzlers even when I had began a fast for 40-days, I felt guilt and shame come over me because I had made a promise to be committed to this time of seeking God without sugar, and pray for the community.

See how I gave you a look behind the curtain?

I pay careful attention to emails and comments I have received. One common thread has been, “Gail, I feel as if I am sitting across the table from you having a conversation,” this tells me that I can draw readers into my story. I give them a look behind the curtain because I know giving the readers a glimpse will draw them in and entice them to want to know more. They want what’s behind the curtain. Therefore, I go behind the curtain and write from there.

Now it’s your turn. Go to the following link and download the Wednesday Worksheet and begin writing your story. Remember to give us a look behind the curtain. Please share a paragraph of your story in the comment section below.

Wednesday Worksheet Link: http://gaildudley.com/resources.html click on the Wednesday Worksheet chalkboard.

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