Book Cover: Ready To Change My Name: A Spiritual Journey from FEAR to FAITH
Editions:Paperback - Third: $ 15.00
ISBN: 978-0975292181
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 172

Fear can consume us and rob us of the precious present. How truly blessed we are by the grace of God to have been given abundant and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Our lives are constantly being unfolded to reveal our place of purpose, peace, and power within the Lord's redemptive plan. Yet we inevitably face along this life's journey much that seeks to interfere with our growth, frustrate our prosperity, and impede our forward motion. Without the necessary tools that permit our victory in Christ to be translated to victory in our daily living and relationships, we end up being accomplices to our own injury. Through this book, you can experience a life altering freedom when you surrender it all to God. You will explore how to discover faith in the midst of your deepest pain, walk in freedom, remove the masks, and experience a transformational process from fear to faith ~ then walk in peace that can only be granted by God.

Publisher: Highly Recommended Int'l
Reviews:Mary on Amazon wrote:

This book is very uplifting and inspirational! It was as though I was sitting across the table with this woman of God having a peaceful but truthful conversation. She really takes deals with the many masks that we wear, she becomes transparent by sharing her own life challenges in a real sort of way but in each chapter I found her speaking life directly into my life. should consider putting this with the spiritual section and realize that this is not about completing a "name change form" or "name change kit" this book is a Christian book by far and very spiritual. This should become a top seller alongside Rick Warren or Joel Olsteen. Thanks for carrying this book. I am reading my friend's copy and I am not sure if she will get it back. It's that good. There's even a journal section in the book for one to write out their thoughts.

Book Cover: Transparent Moments
Editions:Kindle - First: $ 2.99
Pages: 50

In “Transparent Moments," Minister Gail E. Dudley invites you to the table where she will share words of hope, joy, and peace to get you through your day. Through each devotion you’ll be convicted and comforted with Truth as Gail comes alongside of you as a sister in Christ, bringing encouragement and warmth through her transparency. You’ll share a journey, with a shoulder to lean on, that will lead to life-changing revelations. Each devotion is delivered with Scriptural truths which are powerfully applied to your everyday life situations.


A Healing Balm of Freedom

Book Cover: Getting To The Root of It
Editions:Paperback - First: $ 34.97
ISBN: 9780692191361
Size: 8.25 x 10.75 in
Pages: 138

Getting to the Root of It: A Healing Balm of Freedom is an online group coaching and workbook for women and girls to help identify areas where they can receive healing and freedom. I was compelled to write this book and to serve as an inner-healing coach to assist women and girls deal with the areas where they struggle and begin the process to overcome the strongholds of their lives. This online group coaching and workbook is not a quick fix, but a process where each woman and girl will become stronger over time. These sessions over 49-days will help you to build a stronger inner core and receive strength to rely on the healing hand of Jesus based upon biblical principles throughout your life journey.

Publisher: Highly Recommended Int'l
Reviews:Melissa H. on Barnes and Noble wrote:

Getting to the Root of It is immeasurable. I cannot describe how God opened my eyes and helped me through countless situations. It was an absolute blessing. From the very first page, I thought if this were just a little different with examples of men from the Bible this would work for husbands too. There could easily be a sequel for men. This study has given me more faith and grit to be able to help pray over my husband. Satan has worked overtime on my family during the seven weeks of walking through each day. This study has given me stronger legs to stand firm on the promises and blessings that I believe God will pour out and restore. I can have a supernatural joy that only comes from God, my Father. I believe God is saying through these seven weeks that we are to come as we are. No appointment needed. He is always waiting. Arms open wide. He says to us, “Run, My child. I am right here.” Getting to the Root of It study has strengthened my faith despite what circumstances may look like.

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