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Check this out! During this pandemic, I have taken my philanthropy to another level. I’m giving away the house! Every room! Just come here (Facebook page) and glean. You need answers on publishing? Follow and like the Facebook page (link below) and get it all. Everything you need or want.

This week, I designed and launched a publishing page on Facebook.

This page is for authors, bloggers, writers, self-publishing and indie authors seeking information and direction about publishing. I am Gail Dudley, and I am the person behind the page. I am an author, blogger, coach, and publishing consultant. I have over 20 years of experience. I am the co-founder of READY Publication, a print and digital magazine in more than 35 countries, I am the author of fourteen books, and have coached and or published over 139 titles for authors. Additionally, I serve as a project manager for authors and writers taking their books from manuscript to published to the shelf into the hands of people everywhere.

Visit the Facebook page (link below) to watch videos, grab downloads, or ask questions.

I decided during this pandemic, that after 20 years of publishing experience, why not? Why not give people what they need to publish their books? So here I am. I am at the intersection of people, prayer, and politics. Why politics? Because everything is political. Positioning your brand and books becomes a political move. Why prayer? Because I intentionally pray for the success of authors and writers who are self-publishers. I desire to see you and your books soar to the top 50 authors out of over one million. Why people? Because I believe in you, the author.

Ready? Let’s get to work.

Need help along the way? Ask me. I do have consulting hours available.

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