Testimony by Jamie Rohrbaugh

“When Gail Dudley told me about her new Pray to Lose program, I was in awe. I had never conceived of relying on God’s grace to help me get healthy. Immediately, the Lord began talking to me about it. He told me to sow into Gail’s revelation so I could get the same revelation for my own life. So, I did.

I was unprepared for what happened next. Gail began to teach us on the coaching calls how to pray for our health, and the Lord started wrecking me on Day 1. He showed me the root issues behind why I hadn’t been taking good care of myself. Ever so gently, over a period of several days, He showed me what my core belief system had been that had driven the extra pounds I carried. Then, He even showed me what–in the spiritual and emotional realm–I was carrying around in those extra pounds.

As soon as God began talking to me about these things, my attitude changed. My behavior changed. I began to take care of myself, and suddenly taking good care of myself became enjoyable. I’m only halfway through the program, but I have not craved food all this time since Father showed me what the spiritual root of my cravings had been. I started going for walks most days, and thoroughly enjoying them. My clothes are already fitting looser. I have more energy, and I am no longer out of breath (although I would often get short of breath before).

I give praise to God for the revelation He has been giving me, but I have to give honor where honor is due and say “Thank you, Gail!” as well. Gail is anointed to pray, and she is a gifted mentor and coach. She has a tremendous revelation from the Lord about relying on His grace for physical life and health change.

God began to bless me because of HER revelation as soon as I signed up for Gail’s program. If you are struggling with taking care of yourself, I encourage you to sign up for Pray to Lose and lose the spiritual, emotional, and even physical weights that have been holding you down.”

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Jamie Rohrbaugh
Author, intercessor, revivalist

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