Ready To Change My Name: A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Faith


Fear can consume us and rob us of the precious present. How truly blessed we are by the grace of God to have been given abundant and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Our lives are constantly being unfolded to reveal our place of purpose, peace, and power within the Lord’s redemptive plan. Yet we inevitably face along this life’s journey much that seeks to interfere with our growth, frustrate our prosperity, and impede our forward motion. Without the necessary tools that permit our victory in Christ to be translated to victory in our daily living and relationships, we end up being accomplices to our own injury. Through this book, you can experience a life altering freedom when you surrender it all to God. You will explore how to discover faith in the midst of your deepest pain, walk in freedom, remove the masks, and experience a transformational process from fear to faith ~ then walk in the peace that can only be granted by God



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