Sunday Shout-Out

Join the READY Publication team and me as we give a Sunday Shout-out each week. These are the products and services we have tried ourselves, and have completed our research. We only share our reviews of products and services which warrants a shout-out.

Merriam-Webster defines it as, ”

Definition of shout-out

a brief expression of greeting or praise given


Today we highlight Hyleys Tea for their amazing Japanese Pure Matcha tea. This tea is refreshing. This tea is pure, and it smells wonderful. I have tried it both hot and iced. Poured hot gives you a warmup on a cool morning. I particularly like it iced. Each morning, I pour it hot, let steep, then pour it over ice. No need to add anything. It’s excellent in its pure form. This tea replaced my morning coffee all last week, and I felt nothing but energy. It even suppressed my appetite.  Grab a box today! Go to 

Do you have a product, a book, a restaurant, lodging, etc., you would like @GailDudley and @ReadyPublication to give a shout-out? Email us for details. [email protected]

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