National Day of Prayer in America ~ May 3, 2018

To continue with the earlier post today for Urgent Plea of Prayer, let’s talk about unforgiveness.

In going to God in prayer, I encourage each of us to confess our sins to Him and go to Him with a pure heart and a right spirit. If there is any unrighteousness or unforgiveness, deal with it. Take it to the Lord in prayer. I’ve been there. I have been in the place of trying to pray with an unforgiving heart. I did not want to let go of how I felt about what others had tried to do to me, my family, and our ministry. I would begin to pray but then slip into the old thought process of my past. Did God hear? Yes, He did. However, I first had to deal with my stuff. God will reveal the areas in your life that need deliverance, healing, and restoration. I had to ask for the Lord’s forgiveness. I also had to forgive myself. It’s not an easy road, but it is well worth it in the end.

If you are faced with unforgiveness, please take 16-minutes to view this video below.

Are you dealing with sickness, disease, or some sort of illness? Take time to pray for the following:

  1. Sickness, disease, and illnesses steam from the root of unforgiveness. This is what I call the deepest root.
  2. Avoidance of dealing with past wounds and rejections. We have pushed them down and covered them up without dealing honestly with those things that are interfering with our communication with God. This brings us right back to unforgiveness.
  3. Not releasing our guilt and shame. We allow past incidents (intentional or not) to beat us up daily when we don’t forgive ourselves.

Sickness/illness comes from that deepest root of unforgiveness. It’s time that we get to the root of it and be well. I want to see all of us well. So let’s pray today for forgiveness including forgiving ourselves.

To learn more about me (Gail Dudley) and my missionary of prayer click here: Mission in Motion

Video: The Root of Unforgiveness


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