The SAVVY Experience is a blog dedicated to inciting an awakening of the status quo. From prayer to travel to diversity to politics to life experiences, you will find something any day of the week to apply to your everyday life situation on this blog. We do not have a singular purpose. You may at times find a common theme, but we will always do our best to move you beyond the ordinary.

The goal of this blog is to take you on a journey. I desire to guide you along on my missionary prayer journeys as I travel the world teaching on prayer, and building prayer ministries. I want to give you a taste of some of my crazy experiences as I shop, eat, and enjoy spa days. I desire to see you free from past wounds, pain, and rejection. I want to point you in the right direction of purchasing products and services. I desire to share my SAVVY Experiences with you through everyday life situations.

There will be designated times of online blog studies and prayer challenges. I will share travel experiences and entrepreneurship insights. I will also give a Sunday Shout-Out!

Transparent, authentic, fierce, fearless, focused, and faithful are a few words to describe me. Fun, loving, and outgoing are words that express my everyday experience. I am determined to encourage someone and motivate everyone.

I am the visionary of The SAVVY Experience, the blog division of @ The Table with Gail. I am also the CEO and Publisher of READY publication, a quarterly print and digital magazine with a readership in 17 countries. READY is edgy, different, and content-rich created to give a platform for women and girls to share their voices.

As a woman, wife, mother, and author of nine books, I am called upon to speak in small groups and on significant platforms as a conference and workshop speaker. Among my travels, I have been honored to speak in Canada, England, South Africa, and Zimbabwe to name a few, equipping and motivating women around the world to walk boldly into their promised future. Additionally, I have been invited to travel the world on international missionary prayer journeys. In 2017 I went to Germany and will travel to Israel, Greece, and back to Germany in 2018.

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