Prayerfully you have joined me and thousands of others on this 31-day journey. It’s not too late. We started today (October 1),

There is urgency all around us to pray. No longer can we put off until tomorrow what we should do today. There’s an urgency to pray. There’s something in the atmosphere that is drawing God’s people to pray. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for jobs. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for a solid career path. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for your purpose. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for family relationships. Maybe there is an urgent plea to pray for marriages. It could be an urgent need to pray for your neighborhood and local community. Your financial situation maybe in a downward spiral, which creates an urgency for you to pray. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for your local and state government. Maybe the immediate need for prayer is your federal government.

Whatever the urgency, let us take the next 31 days and pray. Let’s make a commitment to pray the moment we sense a drawing in the spirit to lift a name or a situation. As you sit on the subway, drive on the highway, or walk down the street, be aware of your surroundings. As you speak with family and friends, be available to stop and silently pray. As you watch the news or hear a broadcast, be mindful of the tugging on your spirit. It may very well be the Holy Spirit calling you to pray.

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What is your urgency to pray? We want to join in you in prayer. If you have a specific request please place in the comment section below so we can join you in prayer.

Until tomorrow…


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