May 1, 2018

Welcome to 31 Days of Prayer.

There is urgency all around us to pray. No longer can we put off until tomorrow what we should do today. It is not by mistake you decided to take this journey with many others around the world. Take a moment right now and ask your friends and family to join us in prayer.

Today is the day your journey begins for 31 days. There’s an urgency to pray. There’s something in the atmosphere that is drawing God’s people to pray. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for jobs. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for a solid career path. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for your purpose. Maybe the urgency is for your business or corporation. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for family relationships. Maybe there is an urgent plea to pray for marriages. It could be an urgent need to pray for your neighborhood and local community. Your financial situation may be in a downward spiral, which creates an urgency for you to pray. Maybe there’s an urgency to pray for your local and state government. Maybe the immediate need for prayer is your federal government regardless of where you are in this world.

Whatever the urgency, let us take the next 31 days and pray. Let’s make a commitment to pray the moment we sense a drawing in the spirit to lift a name or a situation. As you sit on the subway, drive on the highway, or walk down the street, be aware of your surroundings. As you speak with family and friends, be available to stop and silently pray. As you watch the news or hear a broadcast, be mindful of the tugging on your spirit. It may very well be the Holy Spirit calling you to pray.

Gathering the community in prayer brings about unity and a force to collectively seek the throne of God on behalf of others. When you join in intercession one with another breakthroughs happen, minds are renewed, transformation occurs, people are delivered, healing takes place, lives are changed, and the power of the Lord is with us.

A word of encouragement. You may find that the urgency lifts; however, I would like to encourage you to continue reading the book Urgent Plea for Prayer and pray each day until you have completed the 31 days. Why? It is a part of the enemy’s trick. He lets up long enough for us to stop praying and then he attacks again. Please, I beg you to continue to pray.

The book will become one that is placed on your shelf to read over and over again every time you sense an urgency to pray. Allow this book to be your guide after you have picked up the Bible to read Scriptures.

It will only take 15 minutes per day to work through each day in the book, but it will be worth the investment of time.

You will find throughout the 31 days there may be video or audio links. If you have purchased the ebook, simply click on the link or copy the link to your browser. For print books type the URL in your browser.

Teams of intercessors are available to join you in prayer. At any time if you have a prayer request do not hesitate to send our way. Send to [email protected]

Let’s commit to praying and fasting each Wednesday within the 31 days.

We are on this journey together. Are you ready to pray? Let’s begin.

Today, May 1, 2018 we prepare. Be sure to read through today’s devotional and pray for God to prepare you. As day one begins…

Let’s prepare by putting everything on the table. You will face some things as you are praying, interceding, and fasting. Please encourage at least one other person to join you in prayer during this time and as you continue your journey of prayer. Think in this way:

Praying community. This means as you are praying for someone, be sure to have someone praying for you. As that person is praying for you, be sure to have someone praying for that person and so forth. Praying community means as one person is praying, they too are being covered in prayer. (purchase to continue reading)

Tweetable: Prayer community. This means as you are praying for someone, be sure to have someone praying for you.” @GailDudley

If you would like a hardcopy of Urgent Plea for Prayer they are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you would like a signed copy to include a personalized prayer from Gail go to her website to order.

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