Session 6

As I begin writing this blog post, I want to apologize. I have missed a couple of weeks as I adjust to a life change. Many of you know I use to pastor a church alongside my husband in Columbus, Ohio. On July 1, God released us from that church ministry. It was a church plant we began 12 years ago. It is not a sad time for us. We are excited and have great expectations for what is next in our lives.

As share in the book Who Told You That, I start by sharing a transparent moment. I desire to do so with the hopes that I am setting the stage for someone to be set free.

I would like to encourage you to sit quietly and reflect over your life the last several days and months. Have within reach a notepad and pen. Begin writing as God begins speaking. When you start writing and listening to God, you may find that you will need someone to come alongside you to coach you through previous life situations. Be prayerful as you seek that person who may become your accountability partner and mentor.

I recently pulled out my journal and pen and began writing as I was led to jot down significant events in my life. There was a battlefield going on in my mind as I reflected on a recent situation. It’s good to write things down because it puts everything into perspective. I thought the enemy had the upper hand in my life, but in actuality, he was a defeated foe. I had begun to give in to frustration as I looked at my proposed business plan compared to actual results. I have given the enemy space to harass me. I have allowed the enemy access to my mind where he has planted doubt. I have questioned my life purpose. I have doubted God and the calling He has placed on my life. I have questioned God. All because I have given access to the enemy, allowing him to whisper lies into my being. There was a struggle going on within me, but the more I would write down those things that were going well, the areas where I was experiencing challenges were diminishing.

Those four powerful words came to my mind. “Who Told You That?” Uttering this phrase put me back on track.

Tweetable: You have a choice. You can listen to God, or you can listen to the enemy. You decide. Believe the truth of the Lord or the lie of the enemy. It’s your choice. We must ask, “Who told you that?” @GailDudley

I am not the only one who has been in this place. I know you are either at this crossroad or have been at this crossroad at some point during your life. For whatever reason, you may be feeling undervalued, incompetent, ill-equipped, unappreciated, undeserving, not good enough, unworthy, and overlooked in your job, community, your local church, at your children’s school, your business, and yes, even in your own home. Quiet your spirit. What you are experiencing is the reason God chose you!

Are you finding it challenging to navigate your journey of being healed on your own so that you can be successful in your life purpose, building a business, making a political run, or writing a book? I’m here to help. Don’t continue the cycle. Contact me today for a free consultation. 


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