Yes! Girl, You Can Do It! with Angelia Stone

As we continue with Women’s History Month, Gail Dudley is chatting it up with Angelia Stone, the founder, and CEO of Hope Magazine. Follow along as they take a deep dive into hope and self-discovery, empowerment, women and education, women’s rights, and so much more. 


Let’s talk!

  • Everyday women. 
  • Introducing new women. 
  • Amazing women. 
  • Women who are kicking butt and taking names. 
  • Love on yourself.


Three Key Things: 

  • Know who you are
  • Know what you bring to the table
  • Know how to stand

THEN you will attract other people in that space and you can pour into each other. 


Angelia shares her journey, and it is epic! Purchase her book Yes Sisters today


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Angelia Stone is the founder and CEO of Hope Magazine. Headquartered in Muncie, IN., Hope is a unique publication created and launched in 2005 for women on a journey of self-discovery. Along her journey, Angelia has also become a prolific publisher, editor, social media influencer and writer, publishing her first book Yes Sisters: Surrounding Yourself with Women Who Affirm, Encourage and Challenge You in 2020.

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