Did you know that we have the authority of Jesus?

Yes, we do!

The last month has been very interesting. The Holy Spirit led me to study the word and power of ‘authority.’ I found myself reading every article I could find through a google search and scouring through my husband’s library reading books and articles on authority.

My entire life shifted. Seriously! Something happened on the inside of me as I was reading everything I could fix my eyes to read and understand. There was a powerful connection between what I was reading and my spirit. Jesus showed Himself faithful to me in real time. There was an immediate revelation. I experienced an audible and personal time with God. I knew the moment the connection took place that I have the authority.

I did not want to abuse this authority; therefore, I moved into a position of prayer seeking God for knowledge and understanding. I searched for the word authority on the internet and found several word studies on Bible Gateway. Then I read these words, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.” [John 14:12 NIV]

It was not like any other time I have opened my Bible and began reading scriptures. My entire body was like fire waiting to consume my very being to a place of surrender where I would finally accept the calling God has purposefully placed upon my life. That calling is a ministry of intercession of prayer, power, and utilizing the prophetic gift God has given me. I always knew I had the gift, but I did everything in my fleshly power to ignore it by running away. God would not allow me to hide it any longer.

Ever felt thirsty? I am talking about a parch where your mouth is dry, and you are seeking feverishly to find something wet to drink, but the only real thing that will satisfy you is clear tasteless water that changes the trajectory of the parched feeling you once experienced. This was what I was experiencing after hearing boldly from God about my authority in Jesus.

Over the next few weeks, I began exercising my authority. Not abusing it but exercising and accessing the authority of Jesus. It was mine as long as I aligned with the Father in heaven, and with this authority, I would do greater works.
I started speaking differently. I started listening with a different listening ear. I started discerning and witnessing the manifestation of God’s glory. I believe God on an entirely different level than previously.

The image on this blog post is of a blue sky from Thursday evening in Columbus, Ohio. The weather report indicated that it would rain in Central Ohio on Thursday for 24 hours straight. I had tickets from my daughter as a birthday gift for an outdoor concert. I needed the rain and storms to stay away. I wanted to enjoy myself along with my friends as we celebrated my birthday. Immediately I was reminded that I had the authority of Jesus. I tapped into the authority of Jesus and asked God to allow me to enjoy my birthday gift free of rain and storms. I specifically prayed for the rain to stop at 4 PM after hours of straight downpour from early morning. I prayed with my authority for the rain to stop until midnight…for at that time the concert should be over. I didn’t want to make it all about me, so I asked God to send the rain to stand still over the fires in CA. God told me to trust Him, and I did.

The rain stopped in Central Ohio at 4 PM, and by concert time the sun started coming through the grey skies, and the blue sky opened. After giving thanks, I enjoyed every moment of the concert.

Sprinkles of rain started hitting my windshield at 12:02 AM. The storms that were to begin at 9 pm did not start until 2 am. I’m not sure if CA received rain, but what I do know is that God is real.

As a follower of Jesus, I have access to His authority, and so do you.
Speak it with authority! Words are serious business. Put Gods word on it! As intercessors, we need to stop being intimidated and walk with the boldness of Jesus. See it! Call it! Don’t question it! Jesus called Lazarus out. And…the dead man walked out alive!
Use your authority He has already given you. Stop wasting it.

We are to be like Christ. Therefore, we are to be bold as Jesus, with and in authority. Jesus took charge. He commanded things to happen. He spoke to diseases, to demons, even to people as One who knew both who he was and the authority he had been given. We have the privilege and the charge to carry His name.

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This is what I hear in the spirit to use as an analogy to make the point I believe God wants me to make for us to connect the dots.

Parents take authority every day with their children. We do it vocally. We command what we expect to happen. However, when we take what we believe as the authority when we are praying, most of the time we do it silently. This is not exercising our authority. That’s saying a nice prayer.

We see children as small people, and since we are older and larger in stature, we are not afraid to use our authority and command a thing…speak a word. However, when we are faced with situations that appear larger or more significant than us, we act like we are bold, but then only give a soft whisper of a prayer communicating that we are unsure if the situation will change. This is not authority. Stop acting wimpy and walk in your authority. Be bold and be in charge.

Today I encourage you to access the authority you have in Christ Jesus! The Bible tells us that He uses words to “call those things which be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17).

Today, I believe that if you receive the authority of Jesus…everything you call forth will come to pass!

Are you ready to exercise your God-given authority?

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