at  the intersection of People, Politics, and Prayer

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  • You shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed in order to be heard. Let experienced author and publisher Gail Dudley guide you on your way. Map your starting point, choose your strategy with Gail, then watch your vision bloom!


  • A writer, speaker, teacher, and influencer, Gail encourages people to push past the status quo and unlock their potential. Combining current events, prayer, and inspiration to both inform and uplift, Gail is sure to engage and embolden your listeners.
  • Join Gail every morning at 7:25 am eastern for news highlights, thoughts on how to respond intentionally, along with resources to match. Paired with a message of hope, no matter how bleak the current situation may feel. 
  • Join us at the table to engage in justice conversations such as poverty, human and civi l rights , marginalized women and girls, and racial and social justice struggles of communities as diverse individuals.
  • Prayer resources authored and facilitated by Gail Dudley, author of five prayer books and workbooks, prayer materials, and host of prayer summits. Part of Ministry in Motion, Gail has been called upon to teach prayer internationally. 

  • The Bible is not silent on politics. As believers, we should not be either. There’s an urgency to give food to those who are food insecure, cries for those facing eviction, foreclosure, repositions, As a community, we are called to help. 
Something & Mimosas



Welcome to Something & Mimosas, a wide-ranging weekly podcast with episodes dropping every Friday at 10:00 am.

Grab your mimosa and tune in on Fridays as Gail discusses everyday life situations at the intersection of people, prayer, and yes, sometimes she even talks politics. Join Gail for a range of topics ranging from fun and light {because we all need a break}, to deep and thought provoking {because we all need to be challenged.}

The good news? It all happens with your mimosa in hand, so you can be prepared. And the best part?  Each segment ends with a delicious new mimosa recipe, spiked or not!

Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

 The Blog
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28 Days

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If They Were Black…

If They Were Black…

If They were Black... There would have been rubber bullets.They would have immediately faced police in riot gear.They would have been handcuffed and arrested.They would have been faced with teargas.They would have been peppered sprayed.They would have never made it up...

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