Let woman’s claim be as broad in the concrete as the abstract. We take our stand on the solidarity of humanity, the oneness of life, and the unnaturalness and injustice of all special favoritism, whether of sex, race, country, or condition. If one link of the chain is broken, the chain is broken. | Anna Julia Cooper

News in Motion

Join Gail on YouTube every morning at 7:25 am eastern for news highlights, thoughts on how to respond intentionally, along with resources to match. News In Motion is paired with a message of hope, no matter how bleak the current situation may feel. In another time zone? Catch the replays on both platforms after 9 am daily.


Show some love and loyalty with your very own exclusive News In Motion mug. Start your day right, with News In Motion on your screen and in your hands.

Gail Dudley makes sure her work is accurate, relevant, and unbiased, which allows her audience to make their own informed decisions. Gail assertively provides her listeners with trustworthy, fact-based information with enthusiasm and a smile! Her passionate, refreshing, and knowledgeable delivery of important information, encourages her listeners to become involved and make their voices count!

Kimyata Conwell

Advocacy 101


Let’s talk politics, community engagement, advocacy, and organizing.

Mirroring her show News in Motion, Gail provides citizens with the opportunity to become more engaged in civic life through voter education, voter participation, and a call to action by coaching civic-minded clients on advocacy, building community, fundraising for a campaign, and building a powerful message.  

Book your Advocacy 101 Coaching Session today and walk away with a beginning plan to #DoSomething within your community. 



Join us at the table to engage in justice conversations such as poverty, human and civil rights, marginalized women and girls, and racial and social justice struggles of communities as diverse individuals.

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