It’s no use of talking unless people understand what you say. | Zora Neal Hurston


You shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed in order to be heard. 



First, map your starting point. Whether it’s a seed of an idea, a half finished manuscript, or a fully realized media project, establish your beginning. 



Next, using the packages outlined below, choose the service that best meets your current need as you embark on your journey.



Now, see your vision bloom as you challenge your thought process with expert coaching, thoughtful analysis, and gracious accountability. 


Let’s talk politics, community engagement, advocacy, and organizing.

Mirroring her show News in Motion, Gail provides citizens with the opportunity to become more engaged in civic life through voter education, voter participation, and a call to action by coaching civic-minded clients on advocacy, building community, fundraising for a campaign, and building a powerful message.

Book your Advocacy 101 Coaching Session today and walk away with a beginning plan to #DoSomething within your community. 



Join us at the table to engage in justice conversations such as poverty, human and civil rights, marginalized women and girls, and racial and social justice struggles of communities as diverse individuals.

Gail Dudley, author, activist, politics


INSPIRE: A Call to Action is a signature coaching program designed to empower and inspire you in fostering growth and impact in your personal brand, business, community, and spiritual endeavors all centered around a call to action. Through one-on-one sessions, we will explore strategies that will contribute to forecasting, strategic planning and community engagement for holistic development.

Coaching Objectives

Your personalized coaching objectives include:

  • Personal exploration.
  • Strategic planning for growth.
  • Cultivating community engagement and stakeholder relationships.
  • Educating yourself on practical and ethical steps for interacting across social media.
  • Skill refinement and application in your personal and professional life.



Key Takeaways

  • Aligned values and vision for integrated development.
  • Comprehensive call to action plan.
  • Effective community engagement and stakeholder relationship strategies.
  • Social Media leadership and engagement plan.
  • Enhanced skills applicable to your business, personal brand, community, and spiritual contexts.


Actionable Steps

The Inspire Coaching Plan consists of five weekly one-on-one coaching sessions 60 minutes each.

Your private coaching sessions are carefully structured to correlate with each key objective, providing a holistic call to action designed to transform your brand, business, and community.

Spots are limited! Book a free consultation call with Gail for more details on this exclusive opportunity.



School is in session! Don’t have the time or the resources to spend big money but still want to learn and grow your business or writing skillset? Check out Gail’s library of carefull curated resources based on her thirty years of publishing knowledge and active entreprenuership.

Manuscript Analysis

Seeking accountability?
  • Authors, do you have a work in progress? Are you losing objectivity as you write? With in-depth manuscript analysis, let Gail keep you on track with your writing, read through pages of your manuscript, read blog posts and articles, challenge your thought process, motivate you, and walk with you on your journey to becoming published. Having your manuscript analyzed saves YOU time and money in the long run.
  • Manuscript Mapping
  • Chapter Flow
  • Theme & Style Analysis
  • Assess & Overcome Challenges
  • Accountability in setting and meeting writing deadlines
  • Five 45-Minute Sessions.
  •  Does not include editing
Happy Clients

If you want the truth, passion, and a walking motivating message, Gail Dudley is your go-to! The work that Gail does is well-researched and vetted. She works tirelessly to promote and execute a hands-on strategic plan that includes collaboration with community partners, political leaders, and residents. She lives in her truth and her authenticity in having a call to action to better educate, empower, and position underserved communities sets her apart as a modern-day trailblazer and voice for the people,

Dr. Annette Jackson 

Gail Dudley is a phenomenal publishing coach!  She helped me to take my manuscript from good to great.  Everything from layout to editing to structure and SO MUCH MORE.  She believed in my message and she believed in me which was the push I needed to get my book out to the world and into the hands of the people who need it most!  With Gail’s coaching I was able to relaunch my book with strength and confidence knowing that I had a quality product with life changing content.  We have sold a few hundred of my books just in the last year and because of her advice and counsel I was able to have a super successful book signing at a local Barnes and Noble and have seen my book on the shelves in a number of Barnes and Noble Bookstores in the central Ohio area.  Gail brings years of experience and a long list of qualifications and expertise to the table not to mention her charisma and excitement.  If you are READY to be stretched, challenged, even corrected at times, celebrated and pushed then GAIL DUDLEY is the publishing coach for you.  Make the investment, you will be glad you did!

Carl D. Wright 

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Gail Dudley of Ready Publication for your publishing needs. Gail is honest, dependable, and detail-oriented. Beyond that, she is an impressive businesswoman who wants to see aspiring writers succeed. Her knowledge of writing and expertise in publishing is a huge asset to an author.  

Gail allowed me to be a part of the publishing process. She welcomed my input and was patient when I became anxious. Gail is knowledgeable and an all-around great person. She will be beneficial to anyone who wants to begin their publishing journey. 

Teresa Smith  

Gail Dudley is more than an advocate for your literary work. She is a guide that aides you in unpacking your vision toward fulfillment. Her coaching style will encourage and challenge you to see more than book sales. You will discover new avenues to influence others through the pen and beyond.

With her guidance, I am not only a published author, but I am realizing a new speaking platform beyond the pulpit. Gail Dudley is a visionary for visionaries.

Dr. C. Walter Ferguson  

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