It’s time for your Christmas mimosa with Gail!

Today’s mimosa recipe is the perfect option for your Christmas day beverage. It’s just what the occasion calls for. Gail also shares a few things that you can do since this Christmas may find us not doing our normal big-family celebration.

Start with self-care. Gail provides 4 ideas that you can make your own. It will inspire you to treat yourself. This may not be your usual tradition, but you can find peace in the moment.

Next, she encourages you to dream. Do you have a book inside you? This could be the time to start a writing practice. She gives 8 other suggestions; one that is bound to inspire you.

You have the power to dream!


If you have the means, do something to help others in your community. So many people are dealing with food insecurity and in a week, millions are in danger of losing their home or may be evicted from their apartment.

Gail challenges all of us to give back today. This is a season of giving, and you can truly make an impact when you help someone who is struggling.

Let Gail know if you make this delicious mimosa! Take a photo and share it!

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