I have one primary goal this year. It may seem simple to you when you read it, but it has been something I have longed to do for several years now. I am going to do something new the first eight days of each month. I made an Instagram post (@GailDudley) on this during my 12-days countdown into the new year. Quite frankly I am tired of doing the same thing every day.

When at a restaurant I will try something new on the menu. Heck, I will try a new restaurant. When I look for a bottle of wine, I will try something new. When I am out, and about the town, I will visit a library I have not visited before. I plan to read something from a different genre that I am used to reading. I will try a new coffee when at the coffee house. I am about doing something new.

Additionally, I am incorporating 29 different things in the way I do business or engage with others in my personal life.

  1. Stop making plans and start doing the project
    • Often we will plan, plan, plan to the point we lose interest in the project or never launch the project.

Example: Have you ever been invited to a meeting and left thinking, “What did we accomplish?” I have definitely had that thought departing a meeting. It was a total waste of my time. We can talk about something for so long it no longer is an interest. I’m tired of talking and planning. Let’s do something!

This week I am implementing READY Action Circles for the magazine I publish and co-founded with my daughter. We have talked about it for two years. It’s now time to do something! To learn more about READY Publication visit www.READYPublication.com

  1. Exchange services
    • What area of strength do you have that another person may be weak? Exchange services with them. Not speaking of long-term, but this could be a one time project. In chatting with a friend of mine who is excellent with numbers, I asked if she would look at my budget spreadsheet and give me recommendations. In return, I agreed to read through her manuscript and give her space in READY Publication to promote her new book release.

Example: Let’s say you have allergies to plants, but love the beauty plants bring to your curb appeal. You have a neighbor that has a green thumb, and an eye for producing a picture perfect look for outside landscape. You need a few new plants in your yard, but unable to plant them yourself due to your allergies. You, on the other hand, have a niche in pantry organizing. Your neighbor has a hard time with the organization. In exchange for your neighbor planting a few plants, you organize the pantry. Make sense?

  1. Be willing to ask for help
    • If you appear to be a stand-alone person no one will ask you if you need help. You have to reach out and ask someone to help you if you need assistance.

Example: Seriously? Must I give an example? Ask for help if you need it. I was scrolling my Instagram feed the other day. I noticed ‘Instagram 2017 Best Nine.’ I loved it but had no clue how to create my best nine, so I asked. I needed help. No matter how much I tried to figure it out, I could not. Well…I learned it’s an app. All I needed to do was download the app. If you are wondering the app is called Best9 and it’s connected to Instagram.

  1. Stop saying ‘Yes’ to everything
    • You have said ‘Yes’ so many times you no longer have room on your schedule for you to do what you desire to do. Be confident and willing to turn down invites, and requests you are not interested in doing or your schedule will not permit you to do. You do not have to attend everything. You will burn out trying to do everything for everybody.
    • Stop saying ‘Yes’ to giving people things. I’ve learned this the hard way. I have given so much away to the point that people expect it.

Example: I will never forget the time a lady approached my book table after a speaking engagement. She shared with me that she would love to purchase a couple of my books, but could not afford to buy them. Across the aisle from me stood my daughter who was working my book table. As I sent the lady to my daughter with permission to get a free copy of one book I heard my daughter say, “My mom speaks and writes. I sell her product. The price of the book is $15.00.” Not long after that, the woman returns to me with not one book, but one of each title of my books for me to sign. Later I asked my daughter what happened. Her reply? “Mom, you must stop living your life with a poverty mentality when it comes to ministry. The lady had cash. She had planned to leave the conference and go shopping for shoes for church.” Wait! What? In 2018, I have set aside a percentage of free products and services. The moment I hit that number…no more freebies. I am learning to say, “No.”

5) Take the time to listen

Listen. Just listen. Fully listen. In a meeting? On a conference call? Listen. Even allow for the silence. In the silence you may very well hear something meaningful. Yes, at times the information may be hard to digest. Listen anyway. In our fast society we do not take the time to be fully present and attentive.

Example: There are times that I have been in such a hurry when traveling. I will admit that I am not always paying attention when someone is talking to me. During the holidays I approached the ticket counter prior to entering TSA. The airline ticket agent said, “Have a nice flight” to where I replied, “You too.” They were not going anywhere. Yes, that is simple, and the reality is I was not paying attention. How often do we say to someone, “How are you?” and they reply, “Not well” and to that we reply, “That’s good.” Again, we are not listening.

Again, these are only the first 5 of 29. To get a full list of the 29 click here www.GailDudley.com and download the Wednesday Worksheet.

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