I hear the Lord calling us to come away with Him to a quiet place. I believe we have entered a season for fasting and prayer.

Tweetable: Fasting has a heart that longs to become more intimate with Christ. Prayer is having an intimate conversation with God. @GailDudley

There are scriptures about a prophetess, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel who at eighty-four and worshiped God night and day in the Temple by fasting and praying. It was Anna who gave thanks to God and spoke about the baby Jesus to everyone who was looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem (Luke 2:36-38). When I think about Anna, I think about the need for us to seek God for His will and His purpose for our life.

Throughout the Bible, fasting is mentioned sixty-nine times. Esther fasted. Paul fasted. Daniel fasted. Anna fasted, as well as many others. In Isaiah 58 we see an entire chapter devoted to fasting. So I said to myself, “Fasting is a great way to start this new season.” When I think about Anna, the prophetess, I see myself. For the last several years I find that no matter how much I want to run away from prayer and fasting God brings me right back to this place of communion with Him interceding for others and the nations. I decided to surrender and embrace this ministry call on my life. I use to think that as a small business owner and publisher that I could not also have a call of prayer on my life for people would dismiss me thinking that I was all religious and not have a real understanding of the business world. God has proven Himself faithful to me and has shown me that because of my prayer calling I am witnessing success in my businesses; speaking, writing, publishing, and coaching all while advocating on behalf of others through prayer and fasting. God has allowed me to see exactly who I am in Christ. I am a publisher, philanthropist, platform builder, political influencer, and prayer missionary.

During this season of economic challenges, job loss, foreclosures, credit issues, relationship challenges, division across the land, social and racial injustices, I am calling forth a season of fasting and prayer. Desire to see your business grow? Fast and pray. Desire to witness your finances increase? Fast and pray. Desire to reconcile with your loved ones? Fast and pray. Whatever or wherever you are struggling, commit to fast and pray.

Need resources to help you on your prayer journey? Here’s a short list. Don’t worry. I’m not an affiliate, so I’m not making any money off of sharing these resources.

  • #Pray Live Win by Dee C. Marshall
  • The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson
  • Gap Standers by Brenda Todd
  • Possessing the Gates of the Enemy by Cindy Jacobs

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention two of my prayer books. Ready to Pray: A Spiritual Journey of Prayer and Worship, and my book Urgent Plea for Prayer a 31-day devotional.  www.GailDudley.com 

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