May 4, 2018

Urgent Plea for Prayer

Take time today to be available. Take a few moments and sit in silence. Turn off all the noise. Take time to share your heart with Jesus. Take a deep breath and breathe. Listen to the beat of your heart. Take three minutes and be completely present in the moment.

Be Available:

  • to have your heart examined by God,
  • to receive truth from God,
  • to be still and sit quietly and hear the voice of God,
  • as you sit, waiting eagerly and expecting God’s answers, and
  • to walk boldly and with authority in the confidence and obedience of Christ.

Isn’t it time for you to be available and move into all that God has for you? Come go with me to Luke 13:10-17. When you look at that passage of Scripture you cannot help but see a woman who made herself available to be used by God. Because she was available, when Jesus called her forward she went. Are you ready to make yourself available to be used by God? Take 5 minutes and view the video link below.

If you do not already have the book Urgent Plea for Prayer, please stop what you are doing and click here to purchase: I will personally sign your copy along with writing a personalized prayer.

How are you making yourself available? Please join the conversation. Don’t forget to click on the short 5-minute video link below.


Short devotional: Video

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