Day 6: As we continue to post about addiction and possession I want to make sure you get a real understanding of the meaning of each word.

Addiction is a destructive craving or desire greater than our desire for God. It is a progressive and destructive attachment to a substance or behavior, i.e. alcohol, drugs, food, cigarettes, lying, gossiping, pornography, sex, work, gambling, shopping, etc. (Romans 2:9)

To give an example of addiction I will use a story of alcohol. A young lady came to me not long ago about her going from a casual drink of wine some evenings to drinking two and at times maybe three glasses of wine each night. She would put her children to bed and crawl up on the sofa with a glass of wine. Every night she looked forward to having a glass or more of wine. She was trying to convince herself that she did not have a challenge, but it was a subtle form of addiction. She would pour her glass of wine hoping to find a way to be less stressed, forget about her day, and often she said, “I would drink to wind down from the day’s fast pace activities of work and her children’s sports activities.” However, she was dealing with loneliness because her husband received an overseas contract the required him to work three months at a time before returning home. She did not have the luxury to hang out with her friends because of the need for a babysitter. Something that she could go without for days turned into something she was doing nightly and adding more glasses before she found herself knocked out on the sofa to wake the next morning in her same clothes, and facing more wounds.

Possession is when we invite harmful influence into our lives rather than God and submit to a spiritually hostile environment, sometimes as a consequence of addiction.

Using the same illustration of drinking wine, while this young lady was drinking with the hopes to unwind she found herself being influenced by television sexuality and engaging in unhealthy relationships on social media. She was inviting harmful influence into her life rather than seeking God for a more intimate relationship with Him.

Other addictive behaviors include Workaholism, Procrastination, Fatalism, Controlling, Escapism, Compulsive Overeating, Compulsive Gambling, Compulsive Lying, or Over-possessiveness in Relationships.

Symptoms of Addiction and Possession ~
1) Loss of self-esteem and self-worth
2) Denial, evasion, and avoidance
3) Isolation and blame of others
4) Damage to self and others
5) Rejection of accepted norms
6) Lying, withdrawal, and fantasy
7) Mood swings and depression
8) Manipulation and bargaining
9) Progressive tolerance and desire
10) Enabling attitudes and routines

Go to God and ask Him what addictions or possessions you have. Write them down in your journal and surrender them to Him. Seek God for healing. You do not have to go through this alone. Ask God for an accountability partner. Ask God to direct you to an inner-healing coach and caregiver.

Let’s pray: Father, heal now my sister, or brother who may be reading through this post. Lord, we ask you to heal us now in the name of Jesus. May the chains be broken right now in the name of Jesus. Declare with me, “I hear the chains falling.” ~ Amen


To all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, it is time to be free. In the name of Jesus I declare and decree that you are FREE! Now go forth and live in your freedom.

I’m available. I now have space available if you are seeking an inner-healing or prayer coach.

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