Today Gail is talking about publishing. After publishing her own books, and helping many other do the same, she wants everyone to know that they can do it too! You are going to want to take notes as you listen to this incredibly helpful episode.

The 5 T’s of Self-Publishing

  • Time
  • Trends
  • Traction
  • Thought
  • Touchpoints

Time – how much time does it take to write a book? Gail shares how to figure out the best way to create a timeline that works for you.

Listen for her detailed questions so you can plan well to end up with a published book that will sell! Here are just 3 (there are 8 more!)

  • What is a book mapping system and why do you need one?
  • Who are you writing for?
  • Who will buy the book?

Trends – What are people talking about? Are you writing about a topic or subject that’s interesting to your audience? Gail explains how to be mindful of trends when you are planning your book.

She also explains how you can match your readers to your writing. (This concept is going to help you write a book that people want to read and share!)

Traction – How will your book stay relevant? Most books that are published (in any method) see most sales in the first 3 months. Understanding how to create traction means you can see sales for much longer.

Thought – What do you talk about? What are you known for? What kind of content brings you engagement? Understanding how and when people are engaged with you (in person, online, etc.) will help you tailor your content before you publish.

Touchpoints – Do people know who you are? What would your bio say? Would people want to know more about you if they hear or see some info about your book? Gail explains how to create touchpoints that will lead to a book that people want to read, want to buy, and want to share.

Bonus: Gail explains how you can begin to connect with people who are interested in what you write. She breaks it down into manageable steps and shares a great example

If you know there’s a book you’ve been led to write or maybe you have an idea for a book and you want to know how to get started. This episode is going to give you the foundation and understanding for successfully writing and self-publishing a book.

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