May 19, 2018

Urgent Plea for Prayer

Hello from Israel! Over the next several days during our 31-days of Urgent Plea for Prayer, I will post from Israel combining our area of prayer for a particular day as outlined in the book and ebook.

This image for this blog post was taken from an undisclosed location during our time in prayer on Monday. Yes, this image is of a bomb shelter. Imagine my grieving spirit as I walked around the fields seeing children playing, moms sitting on the community benches, and seeing these places of shelters to be utilized if a situation occurred.

Stop and pause for a moment. How often do we take for granted where and how we live? I’m not simply speaking of a particular country. I am thinking of areas of towns in which we live. I cannot say that I have ever seen a bomb shelter in the front or the backyard of my home. I do not see, nor am I aware of underground bunkers. It’s not often, outside of an air show that I witness fighter jets flying overhead as gunshots were ringing in the air while praying and calling forth God’s protection over the land. Seeing these shelters caused me to go into a time of prayer for our world. As intercessors we will definitely experience times of grief. It’s what we do with the grief as we pray.

Join me in a time of prayer as we pray for children, and families who may live in areas that causes them to find shelter in the time of storms.

How do you grieve as an intercessor?




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