RISE_image_237“Justice: Specifically ‘Rescue.’ The consummated kingdom is marked by the end of all oppression. In it, the poor, the innocent and the helpless will be rescued from all the grim realities they face at the hands of violent oppressors. Psalm 10 paints a terrifying picture of these realities, noting how the wicked person “hunts down the weak” and “lies in wait like a lion in cover” to attack and drag off the poor. The prophet laments in Isaiah 5:23 that the wicked “acquit the guilty for a bribe, but deny justice to the innocent” and that they are “swift to shed innocent blood” (Is 59:7). Under the wicked, the social order is bankrupt and the people feel hopeless: “Justice is far from us, and righteousness does not reach us. We look for light, but all is darkness; for brightness, but we walk in deep shadows” (Is 59:9).”

“The work of rescue is about remedying these sorts of violent injustice. It involves identifying, exposing and transforming situations where there is an abuse of power, typically perpetuated through coercion and deception.”

These words are can be read in Kingdom Calling a powerfully written book by Dr. Amy L. Sherman. She is a senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute, where she directs the Center on Faith in Communities. She also serves as a senior fellow with International Justice Mission. I had the opportunity to sit and hear from Dr. Sherman during a day workshop. One of very few women in the audience I had to ask myself, “Where are the women? To be totally transparent…where are the women of color? Are we too wounded to ingest, and come face to face with where we are as a society of women who are making our voices heard through protests as we march, write, speak, and share secretly with one another the pain we are carrying?

It has come to my attention that we have to deal with our wounds all over again because of the injustice women and girls are experiencing today. I am hearing from women who are being abused by their male pastors, male co-workers, and yes even their husbands. I am hearing from women who have to deal with other women who have taken the word submission out of context. I am hearing from women who are crying out because of their girls…their daughters who are being abused in school and no one is listening when brought to the one in authority. What is going on?

For me it is simple. We must stand together, boldly, and with strength. No matter your politics it is time to listen to one another. It is time to step in the shoes of another, look through their lens and ask the question, “What do I see NOW?” It is time to rescue one another and sort out the violent injustice. Women are experiencing being wounded on a daily basis. Women and girls are bleeding. There are wicked people who are purposefully hunting down the weak. Aren’t we our sister’s keeper? If we won’t listen, who will? Let’s agree to lay aside our politics, and feel the true heartbeat of our sisters. Agree or not…we need one another. If nothing more we must stand beside each other even if at first we are silent. However, at some point they need to hear from us. Not to cause a deeper wound by shaming them, but to raise our voices to lift them.

Join the conversation. What are your thoughts?

Resources ~
Book: Kingdom Calling, Amy L.
Publication: READY Publication: www.READYPublication.com
Movie: My Sister’s Keeper
Book: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

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