Day 9 ~ Urgent Plea for Prayer

Let’s send messages of “LOVE” today. As we continue to pray for one another, may we remember that Jesus has a special love for each one of us individually.

With the wildfires destroying neighborhoods and communities in and around wine country in California we must pray. As of this evening (Monday, October 9, 2017), there are at least 10 deaths, devastating more than 1,500 homes, buildings, and other structures. Individuals in hospitals are being relocated, as ashes are filling the landscape. People are panicked and evacuation of thousands if not tens of thousands are being evacuated and moved to crowded shelters.

There’s an urgency. More and more I understand why God called me to release Urgent Plea for Prayer when I did. As mentioned in earlier posts, this is a simple 31-day devotional and prayer guide. There’s nothing deep here. Just equipping and moving people to pray. Can you see the urgency all around us?

It is time to extend love one to another. Hate is filling up the land…let’s try love. I believe love is when we give up what we want to do to stand in the gap for someone else. Today I give up television and get on my face to pray for those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their neighborhood. I cry out in prayer on behalf of others. Lord, hear our prayers.

When we pray we love. ~ Tweetable @GailDudley @PrayerfullySavvy

How will you show love to others during our state of urgency?

I intentionally left the download on Amazon for .99 cents. I feel it is that important to have people praying. Download your copy today: Urgent Plea for Prayer



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