“If” is so powerful that it will transform your thinking.

If I had more time.
If I had the opportunity.
If I had the money.
If I had the knowledge.
If I had wisdom.
If I had…(you fill in the blank).

You do have the time.
You can create the opportunity.
You can build wealth.
You can gain knowledge.
You can ask for wisdom and have it.
You get to decide what you do with your life.

…and no! it’s not too late regardless of age, demographic, educational level, social-economic status, and party line.

Today people are thinking about running for office.
Today people are considering taking a stand against all of the social ills in the world.
Today people are weighing the possibilities of establishing a social justice organization.
Today people are building a platform to raise their voices.

Thinking, considering, weighing, and building are wondering beginnings ‘if’ you follow through on your plan. There are people who need you to run for office. If you have this desire and passion to start the process…go for it! If you are being called to take a stand against the injustices of this world…make your move. If you have the tools and resources for developing an organization that will launch social justice movements…build your team, and raise the necessary funds. If you have a message to bring attention to 8-year-old black and brown boys being harassed and suffering a possible hanging such as the biracial boy or girls being sexually abused or people being discriminated or Dreamers being intimidated…raise your voice.

People are waiting for you to finish the assignment you have currently on the table.

Taking a page from the book of 2 Chronicles chapter 7, I must focus our attention on verse 11 before jumping down to verse 14. Let’s look more closely at Solomon.
“When Solomon had finished the temple of the Lord and the royal palace, and had succeeded in carrying out all he had in mind to do in the temple of the Lord and in his own palace, the Lord appeared to him at night and said: “I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices.”


This is where many will fall short and become frustrated. We are not finishing the work we have before us. Solomon finished and he had succeeded in carrying out the plans.

What plans do you have that needs to be carried out?

Could it be that God is waiting for us to complete some of the things we have started before He will appear and give us additional instructions? We have work to do before we can get to the ‘if.’

As I continue to process my time in Germany, I am seeing things differently. I am praying differently. I am living my life on purpose. I lived a life of ‘if’ which had a choke-hold on me paralyzing my forward motion. Many ideas, but little action.
New revelation leaps off the pages the moment you agree to walk the journey that has been predestined for you. Your mind is transformed.

Could it be that our prayers need to change? I am afraid we pray reactionary prayers and prayers lifted due to a crisis. What if we prayed differently? Instead of praying, “God bless them” pray “God, lead me to stand on this platform and share the truth of the division that is ripping apart our nation and the world in which we live.” What if we prayed, “Thy will be done” and mean it?

So many gifts and talents are lying dormant. I have decided to pray, “God, stir up the gifts in your people.” I am going as far to pray, “God, do not allow your people to rest until they have come to the truth of your knowledge and utilize the platform you have created for them to use.”

‘If’ has created an urgency. It is time to act. #PrayerfullySavvy @GailDudley (Tweetable)

Join me.

Join the movement.

Join women and girls around the world beginning, October 1, 2017.

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