If They were Black…

There would have been rubber bullets.
They would have immediately faced police in riot gear.
They would have been handcuffed and arrested.
They would have been faced with teargas.
They would have been peppered sprayed.
They would have never made it up the Capitol steps.
Some would have faced gunfire by police.
…and some who would have faced gunfire by police would have been hit with bullets, and yes, some of those Black people would have been killed.


There were…

No rubber bullets
No riot gear
No handcuffs
No gunfire.
No show of force present as we witness during the Black Lives Matter protests after the murder of George Floyd.
They stormed the Capitol!

They are terrorists! Let’s call them who they are.
They are brazen.

They took selfies, and some, which included police officers posing with the homegrown terrorists within the Capitol building.
Rioters looting, breaking down doors, breaking out windows, climbing up walls, occupying offices, storming the chambers.

Where was Homeland Security? Where’s the executive leadership of the ending administration?

This is White Privilege.

I’ll leave this here.

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