Since my post the other day many of you have shown interest in wanting to learn more about writing and publishing for blogs, books, and publications. As I sit here reading your emails, I began to reflect on individuals I have coached and helped publish their books, blogs, and articles. I decided to write this post to share some thoughts with you.

In your search for a book coach or publisher make sure you connect with someone who has experience, and someone who will be honest with you along your journey. Someone who will be invested in you and your work. The person you connect with should be someone who will challenge you and give honest feedback as it relates to your manuscript, blog, and article. You want someone who will ask tough questions to help you strengthen your work.

On your search for a book coach and publisher, identify that person you can work with from beginning to the end. Someone who will be truthful with you. Someone who will push you to do the hard work. Someone who will look at every aspect of your work to ensure you will engage readers.

I highly recommend that you hire a coach and publisher to be someone who gives you a peek behind their curtain in their world of writing and publishing. For example, I blog, I facilitate workshops, I coach, and I write. The one thing I do not do is edit. I know what I’m good at and where I need to pass something off to an expert in the field. I have a team of people who come alongside me to give each client our best. Be careful of hiring a coach and publisher who stands alone.

Are you just starting out? Make sure you connect with a publication and submit your articles for review. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay for submission in some magazines. Many new writers are eager to pay to submit their work especially if the publication aligns with their genre. Some writers look to this as a way to become a published author which can strengthen your bio and resume. This can also increase your platform which many publishers look for as they decide to work with you.

Searching for a coach and publisher or a publication to submit articles look for those who have made a mark. Look at the authors who are currently writing for different publications. Check out the website of the publication and search for submission guidelines and do research on the contributors.

As a publisher myself, I launched an international magazine alongside my daughter. Now in our fourth year, we are in 50 US States and several countries. Having a relationship of this nature gives us leverage to help writers become published. We have a process we utilize. Yes, we vet each writer to ensure they and their work lines up with who we are as publishers. READY Publication is a quarterly print and digital magazine that gives women and girls a platform to share their voices. We are more than a magazine we are a movement. Therefore, we look for writers who can contribute from the position of volunteerism, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, financial stewardship, grassroots organizing, wellness, and causes women face in everyday life situations.

In your search for a coach and publisher, you want to know some of their successes. For example; I have personally written and published 9 of my books globally, and serve as a guest writer and blogger for numerous blog sites, and magazines. Many authors have sought me out to coach them as they seek to become published. Also, I receive requests for interviews on international radio broadcasts and podcasts. My books have been nominated for Christian Literary Awards for global Christian books platform. I may not know everything, but I know enough to get your books on brick and mortar bookshelves and have an ebook presence.

I can be honest enough to say I failed with a client most recently. We were not a match. No fault of my client…we just did not connect. That was a learning curve for me. It allowed me to put some steps in place I had not initially incorporated. I now only accept clients who complete an application and have a free telephone call with me. Before you ask, “Yes!” I have turned people away after reviewing their application. Yes, I’ve failed in the publishing and writing world a time or two. As a coach and a publisher, I accepted that failure and looked at what went wrong. I learned from it and made the necessary adjustments. You want a coach would accept responsibility when they have failed as a coach and publisher. It’s just a momentary setback. There are many coaches and publishers out here. Take your time researching the best coach for you. Search until you find the right person to share your journey with, and receive a return on your investment.

Once you are published and launch your book you need a coach who will help you get beyond the initial sells of your family and friends. Truthfully speaking, this hurdle should be addressed early on in the journey. As you write you are also asking the question, “Who’s my audience? What’s my targeted group?” this will help build your platform and create success for your writing.

I’m writing this post to encourage you. You said you wanted to write. You said you wanted to get published. You said you wanted to use your writing to launch your speaking. It’s tough out here, but you can make it. You can do it!

Some of you shared with me that you are feeling stuck and need some direction. I’m here to coach you. I will not do the work for you, but I will guide you and watch you become the author and writer you desire to be.

The manuscript is written, but not selling? Need help with promotions or leads for radio interviews? Need to make the right connections? I can help you. I will encourage you and pull out of you what is already inside of you.

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