May 8, 2018

Urgent Plea for Prayer

Let us release all the stuff that has caused bondage in our life. Some of you may ask, “Where do I start?” Start with those things that are consuming you, taking up all your time and attention, and causing you concern or being a big distraction in your life.

Another way to start is from the place of your freeness. What sets you free? What gives you joy? What brings you to relaxation? Start there.

What I have found when praying for others is that we hold on to so much negativity that we are unable to embrace the visitation of God who brings life. We are quite familiar with the things that have consumed us, yet we have limited time and space to get to know God. What am I saying? We eat sugar. Those are called empty calories. Yet, we still eat it. We are consuming sugar, ie. poison, daily. Some of us fill up on sugar giving us a feeling that we are full, but we have only eaten junk. Empty calories that are not good for us. Following me? Our lives resembles sugar. We are filling it up with things that are maxing us out, but not making a significant difference in our lives. It’s like poison. We are packing our days with stuff and look back to see we are missing so much to help us live healthy lives. Jesus wants to come in, but we are holding on to things that keeps us distracted from a real relationship with Him. For some…they find they are stuck.

Some people are unable to move forward until the weight of life has been dismantled. It is time to stop focusing on everyone and everything and begin intentionally focusing on God. As you pray today pray for people to let be released from the weight of life that has them consumed. Pray that there will be a major release across the land starting with you.

Take out a piece of paper and list everything that has kept you distracted from focusing on God and His Word.

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