May 13, 2018

Urgent Plea for Prayer

Today it is time to confess and deal with ‘unforgiveness’ and ‘disobedience.’


Unforgiveness is a major block to our prayers. God gives us the opportunity to influence others; however, we experience difficulty in praying and interceding because of our unforgiveness. God is calling us to partner with Him. This is an honor. Why hold on to unforgiveness towards self and others? Have you ever questioned why your prayers are not being answered? Are you holding unforgiveness in your heart? If you answered, “Yes” to the questions, why not authentically forgive?


Did you know that when you are in disobedience you are obeying satan? Prayer is warfare. Hear this: The enemy is excited that you have disobeyed Jesus. We must sever the ties of disobedience and unforgiveness. God encourages us to participate with Him, and yet many will ignore the call. This is operating in disobedience. You have a choice. Choose to be with God or be against God. If you choose God, there’s one requirement: Obedience. God is calling us to obey Him. When we make the choice (freewill) to disobey, we are saying to God, “I’d rather obey satan.” God is calling us to forgive. Making the choice to continue in unforgiveness is disobeying God.

We have a choice today. Will we continue to hold onto unforgiveness or finally forgive? Will we continue in the path of disobedience or decide to obey?

I added this video on unforgiveness on May 3, but I am led to place it here again for those of you who may not have viewed the video or those who may need to watch it again.

FCCB864C-BC8B-498C-9A2D-8B7EEB3AF1F9Root of Unforgiveness video

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