“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to you Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” — Matthew 6:6 NIV

So much is going on in the world in which we live. Border crisis in America, teen girls, are still missing in Nigeria, human trafficking and child labor is happening around the world, individuals are losing their jobs, illness is taking over the land, foreclosure, divorce, death, sadness, pain, rejection, and hopelessness. So many are trying to find the words to utter, yet weep instead. I’m afraid people are trying to go deep with an elegant prayer language when all we need to do is call out the name of Jesus. I have witnessed people practicing prayer like they are practicing a speech. No. This is about having a relationship with Jesus and telling Him all about your troubles or praises. Jesus laid out everything we need to know in Matthew: step-by-step details on how to pray, how not to pray, and the essentials of forgiveness.

I find myself today trying to find the words to pray as I am now in a transition. I chose to be obedient to God alongside my husband as we enter into a walk of faith. Tears continue to flow now that I have hit the grieving process of closing one chapter in my life and opening another. I finally had to be still and write this post. Writing is where I find solace in letting go. I’m processing and praying as I type these words. I had to quiet myself, pray, and open my Bible. I began reading Matthew 6 where I gained a greater understanding of what Jesus has to say about prayer. Matthew 6:7 says, “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.” Through my tears, I was babbling. Reading this Scripture, I found a place of hope and prosperity. Not financial wealth, but wisdom.

I am usually good with words, but today I struggled. I struggled to find the right words to express just how I was feeling. I struggled with the grieving process of leaving a family that I have loved from day one. I struggled with communicating to God the pain I was experiencing. I knew I would get to the point of sadness. However, I never thought it would feel like this. Maybe you have had this experience. Perhaps you have found yourself in a place trying to find the right words when trying to speak from your heart. The Lord, our God, desires for us to have a simple, honest conversation with Him, tears and all.

I sat down in a space today that I usually never sit. It’s a place in our home that I had reserved for company only. Today was different. I was drawn to enter that room and enjoy the space. I quickly learned that I needed to change my prayer location and position to hear differently in this new chapter of my life. God began speaking. It was a love language I had never experienced before today. The tears are starting to dry up as I discerned a leap in my spirit. God showed me that my transition is not about good-bye; it is experiencing a new horizon. I had become too comfortable with people I embraced as my family. Now I see God opening up other doors to introduce me to new people, see new faces, new opportunities, and new experiences.

God is showing me that my family; born into, married into, or those connected through the family of God will always be present. He is stretching me to receive all the past prayer requests I have prayed. I have prayed for an enlargement of territory. I have prayed for a speaking platform to encourage women and girls. I have prayed to serve as an influencer utilizing my wealth of experience by giving people a platform to launch their businesses and to serve as an adviser to small business owners. I have prayed and petitioned God to allow me to bring awareness to others from grassroots civic engagement to voter education. I have prayed to gain more self-publishing clients to see their manuscripts become books and positioned to sell off the shelves into hands everywhere. I have even prayed to become a philanthropist that helps change the trajectory of nonprofit organizations and communities of faith.

God revealed to me today that it’s time. He showed me that I have been faithful over a few things and now He can trust me with much. He allowed me a glimpse of what I am about to experience. He gave me a new name. He called me ‘Influencer.’ The atmosphere has shifted, and I now know that I was being stifled by standing still in my comfort zone.

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And now, beginning today, I am on to…



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