How will you maximize 2018? You can start with what has worked well then identify areas that may need adjusting. It does not matter how you ended the year. What’s important is how you begin 2018. With more than twelve years experience as a personal and business ambassador, I am here to encourage you to be focused and move forward with a real sense of direction and purpose. I am here to help you start and finish well.

At the age of 52, I can share that I have not always started or finished well. I had to decide to invest in myself by doing several small things that allowed for massive transformation.

1) I had to wake early. I realize that may not sit well with many people, but that’s what did it for me. I will never forget the first time I set my clock to rise early I thought I had lost my mind. However, something happened. I found that I had more energy, clarity, and peace throughout the entire day. That extra 30-minutes of quiet and preparation made a big difference in my daily life.

2) I took the time to allow myself to be equipped. I read books from others. I listened to podcasts. I read emails where I had subscribed to articles. I also removed myself from email lists where I did not find much value. Additionally, I registered and attended by being fully present live webinars, and workshops. I listened to the facilitator, took notes, and implemented the information I received. Sidebar: Everything/Everybody is not for you. If you are not gaining something to help with where you are today, it makes no sense to continue to follow someone who is not making a difference in your life. I learned a long time ago that if I do not see any progress why would I continue to invest my time and money? Just because something worked for one person does not mean it will work for you. Think about it this way. Ever listened to someone’s testimony about losing weight by using a specific program? You decide to try it, but it just doesn’t work for you. You don’t keep doing it. You realize it’s not for you. Right? The same is true when something is working. You keep at it because you see progress.

Take this week to evaluate. Identify areas where you see progress. Make a note of those areas and keep moving forward perfecting those areas. Identify your growth as an area that flows.

3) Allow for transformation to take place in your life. Purge old things that are getting in the way of your forward motion. Celebrate you and your accomplishments every day. Look at your wins and the areas you may need to make adjustments or eliminate some things. Stop getting caught up in what’s not working. If it’s not working, it’s time to do something different.

The last three days of 2017 I took time to reflect on what went well and where I need to make changes. Yes, it is difficult to let go of something you are passionate about, but if it’s not working…well…it’s time to let it go. Maybe it was only for a season you are to do certain things. I change my direction and plans in a few areas. I closed down two Facebook groups. I mapped out my plan for January and my first quarter workflow. I must say in doing so; unnecessary weight was lifted.

It is easy to keep doing things the same way. Sticking with what’s familiar is comfortable. However, what happens when you know it is time for a change? Doing the same things seeing few results creates a burden that you have placed on yourself.

4) Implement and follow your plan. First using your smartphone, an iPad or tablet, posted notes, or a sheet of paper, write down each goal, you would like to accomplished in 2018. Following these prompts work through each goal and honestly write down what you accomplished, what you semi-accomplished, AND write down what you no longer have interest in achieving.

  • Take each goal that you accomplished and write out why you were able to finish well in that area. Be specific such as stating if this was a goal you were passionate about, something you always wanted to accomplish, etc.
  • Take each goal that you semi-accomplished and write out why you were unable to complete each goal in its entirety. Be specific such as stating if this was a goal suggested by someone else, something that was not important to you, share your feelings about these goals, etc.
  • Take each goal that you no longer have an interest in accomplishing and write out why you have lost interest in these goals. Again be specific.

This becomes your motivation and successful strategy for more excellent in 2018.

From your answers, identify two goals for each quarter in 2018. Then define three to five primary goals for the entire year. Write it on a poster board and place on your office wall. Yes, make it visible. Place it somewhere you cannot miss throughout the day.

5) Grow and make an impact. Each month make an effort to grow. Identify one book you will read, and read it. Identify a place you would like to volunteer and take the necessary steps to do so. It’s a new year. It’s time for a new plan. Keep what has worked, but get rid of what has been holding you back from your forward motion.

With that, I will leave it here and say, “Happy New Year!”


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