The day arrived. No turning back. I could see the ground from my window seat on the airplane. I made sure my seatbelt was securely fastened, and my seat back tray was properly in place. We were about to land. For me it was a nations land that I was unfamiliar with. From my seat I was able to get a glimpse into what would be a brand-new journey. I wasn’t quiet sure what I was about to embark upon, but I knew there was an expectancy I could not fully articulate, and still cannot.

The excitement had been mounting for several weeks. All I knew is that I had said yes to a missionary prayer journey that would land me into the country of Germany. It was never on my radar to enter this nation, but I knew I felt a quickening in my spirit the moment the invitation was extended to me.

Yes, Lord.

Yes! To what…I wondered. Not sure, but my answer would be yes. I took a day or two to pray on it as a formality, but I knew from the moment I was asked, my answer would be, “Yes!”

Side note: I’m not a group person, but this time I had to trust God and allow myself to be stretched outside my comfort zone. My heart was pounding almost to the point I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. Everything I was saying yes to was not within my normal living. Groups? No. Being away from my husband for more than a few days? No. Traveling with limited funds? No. Staying in a hostel? No. No. No. No. However, I did it all with a smile on my face because I had an expectancy that I could not explain, and still cannot.

Would I meet Jesus? Would I come face-to-face with life? Would I be stretched beyond anything that I could think or imagine? I wasn’t sure, but what I did know was that there was something for me to experience in Germany and it had the hand of God all over it.

As I looked out of the airplane window after traveling for hours without sleep, I saw an image of what would be my life from this time forward. Still not clear, just a realization some things were about to change. No turning back. All arrows pointed straight ahead.

Let the journey begin!

Plane landed in Berlin Tegel Airport. Grabbed my bags and exited the plane to join the long line to enter into Germany. Passport stamped without questions. Learned our driver was waiting with a sign to transport Ursula, the organizer of the Ohio team, and me, to the hostel. With limited English the driver began to point out areas of interest. I could feel the excitement rising. Had no idea it could grow any more than it had already, but yet I caught myself acting like a child wanting to know what was next.

Stepped out of the car and into the hostel. One look around and thought to myself, “I have lost my mind.” Fear was trying to set in. My American lifestyle tried to suffocate the very things I had said yes to about visiting another country. I did a quick self-talk and pressed forward.

The journey had already begun. What’s next? Stay tuned to the next blog post.


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